Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Party Games: looks like a lot of lefties are acutely embarrassed by nandigram

apr 11, 2007

this fellow (some jnu product, doubtless), i have noticed, is keen on 'explaining' away election results on a strictly communist basis: caste and class equations.

therefore it is quite entertaining him (et tu, brute?) too abandoning the communist fascists in bengal. i was also most entertained by some stuff from other communists -- these guys call themselves CPI(ML) -- speaking harshly about the ones in bengal.

i suggest to all of you a strict policy: which is to not pay any attention to the minute differences between them. all of them are communists. or reds if you will. their doctrinal differences are about as irrelevant to the rest of us as the doctrinal differences between various christist cults such as the branch davidians, the moonies and the catholics. at the end of the day, they are all christists, and it is not useful for us non-christists to get into their inane hairsplitting.

i used to call some communists marxists, others naxalites, maoists etc. following the fashion current in the indian media. on further reflection, i have corrected myself. their is no distinction between them. they are all fundamentally semitic imperialists.

condemn every last one of these barbarians as just communists.

no sub-cult among communists is better than any other.

there is no good communist, period. (i was going to say 'the only good communist is a dead communist', but i shall desist because i don't want anybody to feel that i am advocating violence' :-) although i do think the application of a little violence to various bottoms is highly salutary. gets their attention.)

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*Party games

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*Between Nandigram and a party that swears by human rights and lofty
democratic ideals lies vast hypocrisy. *

Nandigram did not surprise me. I was anguished and angry but not surprised.
I had heard the story of Alipurduar from Jugal Kishore Raybir. This dalit
activist, a believer in Gandhian non-violence, was the founder of UTJAS,
(Uttar Bango Tapsili Jati O Adibasi Sangathan) an organisation of dalits and
adivasis of north Bengal. Through the 1980s it demanded greater regional
autonomy and justice for sons of the soil. Not only did the government turn
a deaf ear, the ruling party launched an offensive against them, branding
them 'separatist' or 'bichhinatabadi'.

The story of Alipurduar goes back to January 10 1987, twenty years before
Nandigram. On that day, UTJAS had organised a rally of what they estimated
to be about 50,000 people in Alipurduar, the headquarters of Cooch Behar
district. As the rally started, they noticed something unusual: The police
was nowhere in sight. Soon the rallyists found themselves surrounded by and
under attack from the armed cadre of the CPM. The rally was dispersed as
unarmed protesters were beaten and chased. The police surfaced, only to
arrest the victims, once the party cadre had finished their job.

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Ghost Writer said...

I quite agree on the non-differences between Communists - they are like the different families of the mafia. They may pretend to fight amongst each other, but unite when the cop approaches.