Wednesday, April 11, 2007

this is such bullshit about child abuse

apr 12th, 2007

another example of the crap put about by all those NGOs and their shrill harpie females and the brainwashing effect they have on the kaaangress and the 'secular progressives'.

the definition of 'physical abuse' is very western: "you may not punish the child". and yes, that means western children are so well-behaved, so polite, so courteous. it is only occasionally do they show a little disrespect, for example by walking into a school with an AK-47 and killing ten other students. so much for the virtues of western-style child-rearing.

on the contrary, it is important for a child to grow up with a little fear of authority and respect. an occasional cane applied to the bottom does not hurt anything but the kid's ego, and is quite salutary in terms of respect for the common greater good rather their own little amour-propre.

similarly, the definition of 'sexual abuse' is also very western: "you may not touch the child". if you fondle them, dandle them on your knee, hug them, kiss them, all that is 'sexual abuse'. this is yet another fallout from the grim christist ideal of remote, authoritarian fathers (just like their remote, authoritarian yhwh) who never show any affection for children. of course this is also used to accuse people, especially religious hindu people, of sexual abuse, whereas the abuse is only the dirty minds of the NGO banshees. the result of the christist ideal is all those pious and holy 'fathers' of the church, who only occasionally sodomize the little boys and rape the little (and big) girls under their watch. can we say 100,000 priests found guilty of pedophilia, and many more getting away with raping and impregnating nuns? is that a conservative number? how many have been hushed up too, of course.


Anoop's Blog said...

First off Rajeev, it pains me to disagree with you but I will have to disagree on this point here. I do agree that sexual abuse like mail fraud is used mostly in the USA. Definition of child abuse is varied. But I do agree that there is a lot of sexual abuse in India. mostly for the girls are abused either by the known adults or strangers in buses, public places etc. I have had several conversations with various friends on this topic, and yes most of them are taken advantage by their 'uncles', teachers, tuition masters, music teachers etc. I feel disgusted when I see stories that somebody got their rocks off by fondling a lady in the bus.

When I was growing up, I haven't heard any boy that was taken advantage either by males or females (boys would boast if they were taken advantage by 'aunties', which in my opinion will stunt the psychology of the boys.)

Shahryar said...


May I suggest you read the details of the survey here: Study on Child Abuse: India 2007.

A few excerpts will explain why Rajeev quite correctly feels that this report is mostly idiotic:
"Major findings:
1. Every second child reported facing emotional abuse.
2. Equal percentage of both girls and boys reported facing emotional abuse.
3. In 83% of the cases parents were the abusers.


The analysis of state and gender-wise percentage of children reporting emotional abuse through humiliation
revealed that in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and Rajasthan, the percentage of boys facing humiliation was significantly higher than that of girls. This means that boys are generally treated more harshly by being shouted at or spoken rudely to or abusive language used when addressing them.


The study has only looked into emotional abuse of child respondents by family members. When asked about the identity of the abuser in the family, 44.09% children in the family environment reported humiliation by mothers, which is almost half of the total incidence. If we put together the
percentage of humiliation by father with that of the mother then 79.44% children faced emotional abuse at the hands of their parents. As already noted in the physical abuse chapter, the percentage of physical abuse by parents was higher as it is in emotional abuse.
It is also noteworthy that if a child is being physically or sexually abused, emotional abuse is an unavoidable consequence."

By this standard all my nephews and nieces can claim they were emotionally abused when they are told off for watching TV or playing games instead of doing their homework or attending to their chores!

Because corporal punishment was totally banned from govt. maintained schools around 30 years ago in the UK, we have a generation of yobs who have little discipline and who are the parents of the next generation of badly behaved children.

nizhal yoddha said...

thank you, shahryar, for your comment on this western NGO-inspired nonsense. spare the rod and spoil the child is precisely what the west has done.

anoop, as for sexual abuse, all i can say is that there is very little evidence of this in the public discourse, even in kerala, where women in general are very vocal about any injustices against them, real or imagined. this leads me to believe there isn't that much of this going around. i wonder if people are telling you they were sexually-abused because it has now become fashionable to claim this. i say this because some time ago i was paying attention to a fiction contest in an indian-american magazine. amazingly, all the winners wrote about sexual abuse, because, i gather, it is the in thing these days. i am not trying to diminish it as a problem, i am just saying we should not blow it out of proportion, as this female renuka chowdhury is doing.

i agree that a lot of women probably get groped in buses, 'eve-teased' etc. but you know, this happens in the new york subway, even the tokyo subway. this is just men being testosterone-driven beasts, i don't think it is particularly bad in india.