Friday, April 27, 2007

B Raman's Views on LTTE

Sometimes the things B Raman says worry me. In his latest comments, he says "India should not have anything to do with the LTTE so long as it is led by Rajiv's assassins. If it removes them, the Govt. of India should give it its full backing."

I personally don't think India should resume support for LTTE under any circumstances. Going beyond the fact that they assassinated an Indian Prime Minister -- one whose political heritage I don't particularly like -- they attacked our army, connived with our enemies, and fanatically profess a racially exclusivist ideology. I think they've done a lot more harm to India than Sri Lanka has done, so I don't see why they should get our favoritism.

I certainly hope that B Raman isn't harbouring a closeted Hamid Gul streak, where the ex-spymasters and retired generals have the soft corner for their pashtun relatives across the border, even to the point of defying the national interest. RAW should uphold a better tradition than ISI, by staying within state lines.

The LTTE are completely untrustworthy, and are engaged in international criminal activities across the world. I think that Karuna may not be as bad as Prabhakaran, but I'm not sure
what the extent of his role was in anti-Indian activities.

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