Thursday, April 12, 2007

debating tactic used by mohammedans, christists and communists

apr 12, 2007

absolutely on the money satire.

this is how communists 'debate' too. they have added one little twist and improved the process.

1. they will ask for data and more data and more data. they will reject all data that does not come out of a communist source.

2. if you provide the damning data from communist sources, they will attack the author's credentials and claim that you doctored the data.

3. if you prove it is not doctored (by providing ten different other communist sources that say the same thing), then they will want you to provide videotape of the actual event occurring, especially if it is something that happened, say, 500 years ago (eg. the destruction of the ayodhya temple by mohammedans)

4. if you get in a time machine and procure the video, they will then claim that since they were not in the time machine as well, you doctored the video

5. if you take them in the time machine and show them the actual event happening, they will claim that your time machine is faulty, and that it does not say in das capital and mao's red book that time machines exist, so by definition the time machine does not exist, and you have pulled an elaborate technical hoax and that therefore you are a capitalist pig.

6. in the meantime they would have captured (like the bengal communists) through terror all the arms of the state, so they will have you arrested and tortured to death in a chinese gulag.

you can't win.

so no point trying. instead of following steps 1 through 6, just line up the communists and shoot them at dawn. don't argue with them.

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