Sunday, April 15, 2007

India developing as hub for biotech research - International Herald Tribune
This is actually what we need. Research is better than high-polluting manufacturing and BPO automatons. I wonder who will own the IPR on this. Knowing the Yanks & Limeys- its probably their companies.
The big catch here is that really advanced research is not moving out to India because of lack of cutting edge research infrastructure. However, this is a good start. After all, the Indian IT industry which is now assuming world transformation proportions first incubated in the Y2K stampede. Once we show them that we can deliver higher quality research (and not just on the cheap) - they will move better things as well.
Just as Intel, IBM & Cisco are doing. Then we can go off on our own and do our own IPR creation.


witan said...

‘India is innovating its way out of poverty’

witan said...

The following article appeared in Nature Biotechnology; VOLUME 25 NUMBER 4 APRIL 2007:
India’s health biotech sector at a crossroads, by Sarah E Frew, Rahim Rezaie, Stephen M Sammut, Monali Ray, Abdallah S Daar & Peter A Singer
India's home-grown biotech companies must strike a balance between domestic and international markets.
CONTEXT: [Indian] biotech is at a crossroads. It must not only address the significant health needs of its domestic population, but also position itself to take advantage of the often more profitable global marketplace.