Saturday, April 28, 2007

not exactly a brilliant idea, laloo prasad

apr 28, 2007

next up: all signs in the railways will be in hindi, for 'uniformity's sake'.

this is the sort of crass idiocy that nurtures the other set of idiots, the 'dravidians'.

one would think that noodles (those food-like substances that scream "triple bypass") would be the first thing to be dropped from the menu. idlis and dosas are among the most healthy items in the indian menu, and i find them available all over the country, including in remotest bihar. people actually like masala dosas, they are healthy, they are cheap. of course these are all good reasons to drop them. maybe laloo also has a plan to introduce some of those tainted dog-food products from the us, repackaged as 'exotic american spam'.

Indian Railways Changes the Menu - Idlis and Dosas to be Eliminated

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, April 26, 2007: If Indian Railways has its way idlis and dosas may be on the way out from railway cuisine. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC ) is planning to introduce a new system to create uniformity in its catering service across the country. As per the plan, only 21 approved food items will be served on trains - a move that South Indian rail passengers feel is in bad taste.

The IRCTC has decided to remove the south Indian delicacies from the menu, initially on a pilot basis for three months. "People from different regions have different food habits, and there has to be some consideration for that and meals have to be given accordingly," said Dr Sivam, IT Consultant.

The IRCTC used to have more than one hundred items on its menu. Nevertheless, to bring uniformity, it has approved a new menu with 21 items. Noodles, vegetable burger and assorted pakoras are what are now available for the passengers. "Everyone must be given his or her food of choice. If you give only North Indian food, it is like forcing you to have that food," said passenger Ravindran Nair. To deprive the South Indian of his idlis and dosas is tantamount to a cultural onslaught. If the Indian Railways goes ahead with its decision, it should be prepared to face stiff resistance from down south.


san said...

And you know, that's the whole narcissistic self-centred culture created by the caste-based politics of the Left. It means always asking others to change and "correct" themselves, while never having to change or broaden oneself.

Not only would it be nice for Lalu to learn to speak other Indian languages, it might be nice for him to learn a little english. When he brags in front of visiting international business students, he has to do it through an interpreter.

But even basic literacy seems to be beyond his grasp, leave alone respecting languages other than his own.

san said...
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san said...

Actually, knowing Lalu, he'll probably play it crafty and decide to make the signs Urdu instead of Hindi. I'm not sure whether DMK are willing to protest against Urdu.

lost in thoughts said...

laloo is nuts.

everyone loves dosas and idlis. much cheaper and healthier than burgers and pakodas.

sure, add pakodas and burgers, even pizzas if you want, to the menu, but DONT remove the idlis and dosas.

laloo is trying to create some communal mischief.

Sakthivel said...

Taking about double standards.. Everytime a north indian does something that offends the sensibilities of SI, it is passed off as bringing order, pullling people into the mainstream etal, and more .. but if the SI does the same , it is criticised in the harshest terms as regionalism separatism dravidianism and what not.. It seems like racism is not confined to the western world and chinese only... We need to put our house back in order before criticizing others.. Its a shame that it is these North indians, who were credited with the creation of some of the finest philosophies in the world, have degenarated into such retards.. shameful

Sakthivel said...

Its a pity that these people who brag in an excessively ridiculous manner that they are the gatekeepers and true followers of the 'vision' of gandhi and nehru, forget so easily what *chacha* nehru said eons ago : " India's strength is its unity in diversity "

Sheer hypocriticm or selective interpretation ?

iamfordemocracy said...
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KapiDhwaja said...
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habc said...

In all fairness I do agree with one point raised by IamforD - if the South Indians are unhappy maybe the DMK should walk out of the UltaPulta alliance and bring down the govt. - after all they keep threatening to leave over other issues
I mean why complain when your own representatives in Delhi are allowing this to happen.

Harish said...

So @habc,
the only way to expect sane behavior from the powers that be from the Hindi belt is bringing down central governments ah?..

Let me think.. If DMK did darn sure everybody here(including u ) would be up in arms,, claiming..that Dravidians (a.k.a all Tamils or Southies) are patently anti national etc etc..Hindi speaking leaders keep intruding on sensitivies of ppl down south on a regular basis.. Their ignorance and arrogance knows no bounds..And when the pent up anger blows up.. then its all name calling - "Dravidians","anti nationals" etc etc..

Why is it so hard for northies to accept that racism is quite inbred in most of them and they cannot look outside the "Hindi" box..(some of the bloggers here have been the rare exceptions)..

btw..@Sans intial comment about Laloo was right on spot..

btw..Jayalalitha did try to make a public speech in Hindi in the heart of UP cow belt..Its an important event which seemed to have gone unnoticed here..I cant even imagine one guy(leader) from up north uttering one word of any other language than their native tongue..Is it some kind of coincidence that almost every India polyglot leader had been from the south..

So grow up Rajeev once said..if not for some stupid "Dravidian" leaders southern India would have seceeded long time back..

habc said...

Relax man - it was a tongue in cheek comment.

Honestly tell me - would you cry if the govt in Delhi fell tomorrow, think of all the good news, no Sachar commission, no nuke deal, no IIM/IIT reservation, no giving siachen, no muslim reservation etc.etc.

"the only way to expect sane behavior from the powers that be from the Hindi belt is bringing down central government"
Jayalilitha threatened to pull down the central govt all the time during NDA rule-on totally petty issues and massively destabilised the NDA govt when it was ruling. DMK threatened to bring down the govt when they did not get the requisite ministries, when Arjun Singh trashed Thirukural so then why not on this issue - isn't Parliamentary democracy based on collective responsibility if the entire cabinet? this threatening to pull out of Central govt is Standard Operating procedure.

"Why is it so hard for northies to accept that racism is quite inbred in most of them and they cannot look outside the "Hindi" box."
Please let us not use big words like "racism" so nonchalantly.

"Is it some kind of coincidence that almost every India polyglot leader had been from the south"
Every single Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya etc. etc. leader has spoken Hindi and English along with their native languages, so get off it.

Arjun rolls back ban on Karan book
also check here
"the HRD Ministry swung to the other extreme and shockingly banned the ancient Tamil classic Thirukural written by poet-sage Thiruvalluvar in 1st century BC. The government hastily withdrew its order this week"

"I cant even imagine one guy(leader) from up north uttering one word of any other language than their native tongue"
Please state which states you would consider as "North"?

Before you jump off the deep end here is the Wikipedia Page for Bihar Languages. Do spend some time clicking on them individually.
Let me do some clicking for you
Bhojpuri - Total speakers: 140 million
People's attitudes towards the Bhojpuri language have evolved over time, and most linguists agree it is NOT a dialect of Hindi

Magadhi language - Total speakers:11 million
An earlier form of Magadhi, known as Magadhi Prakrit, is believed to be the language spoken by The Buddha, and the language of the ancient kingdom of Magadha. Magadhi is closely related to Bhojpuri and Maithili and these languages are sometimes referred to as a single language, Bihari. It was once MISTAKENLY thought to be dialects of Hindi, but has been more recently shown to be descendant of and very similar to Eastern Group of Indic languages, along with Bengali, Assamese, and Oriya

Maithili language - Total speakers: 45 million
Linguists consider Maithili to be an Eastern Indic language, and thus a different language from Hindi, which is Central Indic. Maithili has been considered a dialect of both Hindi and Bengali

Angika language - 30 million
ngika is spoken by more than 30 million of the Indian population - within the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Angika is closely related to Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese. It may be correlated with the Cham Language of Combodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Chhattisgarhi language
According to the Indian Government, Chhattisgarhi is an eastern dialect of Hindi, although it is widely considered by linguists to be distinct enough from Hindi to constitute a separate language. Chhattisgarhi has several identified dialects of its own, in addition to Chhattisgarhi Proper: Baighani, Bhulia, Binjhwari, Kalanga, Kavardi, Khairagarhi, Sadri Korwa, and Surgujia.

Inclusion of Maithili hailed

No new language to be included in eighth schedule: Govt
"There are 22 languages in the eighth schedule already. There is demand for 37 more languages. We have already given in-principle approval for Rajasthani and Bhojpuri language," minister of state for home Sri Praksh Jaiswal said while replying to a private members' bill. He said RBI has already stated that no new language can be inscribed on the currency notes and UPSC has also expressed its inability to hold examinations in any regional language.

What was all these links for - Laloo Prasad is Bihari.

habc said...

one more lovely link trying to figure out the difference between languages and dialects
A language is a dialect with an army and navy