Tuesday, April 24, 2007

terrific article on food-like substances in america

apr 24th, 2007

the result of perverse farm subsidies. we need to pay far more attention to this than we do now as part of the reformulation of indian agriculture policies. attack the subsidies in all forums such as WTO, and ensure that they don't kill indian farmers or indian farm products. as it is, american subsidies for cotton lead directly to the suicides of farmers in vidarbha.


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Ghost Writer said...

Somehow, I am not convinced that the 'eater revolution' that the author talks of will happen real soon in America - the Yanks and their kids are just too addicted to the sugar and pop. This bad policy of ruining public health and causing global poverty will go on. Big farms take government subsidy and influence US elections.

And any lawmaker voting against the 'farm' bill will be cast down as being 'against our farmers' etc.

So for the time being, Americans will be fat and ugly, the world will be thin and poor.