Thursday, April 12, 2007

economist speaks out of both sides of its mouth

apr 13th, 2007

april 13th, 1919, jallianwallah bagh. i feel particularly ill-inclined towards the limeys. such a bunch of hypocrites! the economist's opinions accurately reflect 'perfidious albion'.

look at the limeys' perfidy:

1. article saying pakistan is getting to be seriously talibanized. oh really, you must be kidding me. how could it, given that general musharraf, "a key ally in the war against terrorism" is ruling the place? after all mushie is such a great guy to have a chat with over a scotch and soda.

2. article saying india should give kashmir to pakistan. yeah right. "time to go", it says. yeah, right, so that it can be more talibanized.

3. article saying kashmiris are getting pretty talibanized already quoting the daughters of the millet

so let's get this, india should leave j&k and enable pakistan to create more taliban regions. very logical indeed.

bloody limeys, put a sock in it. you are malign and your advice is worth nothing.


habc said...

Russia halts work of foreign adoption agencies

Did anyone else experience this problem - my userid and password stopped working - I had to go to and create a google account to be able to log in

habc said...

Siddharth Varadarajan's blog - this guys seems to be a total psec -

Please take a clean shower before and after reading the blog

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Sidharth varadarajan is one of the regular contributors to The Chindu, along with stalwarts like Harish Khare.

Kumar said...

I think england should let go of:

1. Northern Ireland
2. Scotland
3. Cornwall

Yes---the national of Cornwall wants to be independent. I think we should help them. In America, there is a HUGE Irish population that contributes handsomely to peaceful Irish groups wanting independence. I think we should link up with these groups and help Ireland get back what is righfully theirs.

Also, I have contributed money for Scottish independence. They already have a Parliament. Scots are their own distinct culture, language, and even religion. I think they should be free to pursue their own destiny.

We need to also engage the Cornish people who desire freedom and peace.

Cornish Independence Movement:

Scottish Independence:

If we can PEACEFULLY assist these groups gain their freedom, this would be a great victory for justice and peace.