Thursday, April 12, 2007

N-Deal with the US in its last gasps

As we all know, the intention of the US was always to cap, rollback and eliminate India's nuclear arsenal. It just offered India the N-Deal as a means of somehow getting a handle on its N-Program. It was our non-PM's fault to have been led up the garden path by the US in the first place, all the while ignoring the voice of his own scientists. Now this article clearly confirms what the intentions of the Yanks have been all along where it says,

The Bush administration's landmark nuclear agreement with India risks collapse because Indian demands — including the right to continue testing nuclear weapons — undermine the U.S. rationale for seeking the deal...

Another article from the Times of India, which says the same. Notice how the Yanks have started calling India "Greedy", once they have come to realize that the deal is about to fail...


Ghost Writer said...

It is not just the 'greedy' part that is offensive. look at this statement
"to shield itself from competition from foreign contractors with nuclear engineering expertise, such as General Electric and Westinghouse"
As if we could not get where we are without their 'engineering expertise'. This guy, Bob Einhorn, by the way was part of Strobe Talbott's entourage when Jaswant & co. ran them in circles. Perhaps they want more of the same treatment. Bloody Yanks - think they are all high and mighty and everbody else is just a cretin - waiting on them to do us a good favor.
Here is Bharat Karnad's take on the dead deal

TallIndian said...

The comments section of the USA Today article is worth reading.

The readers suggest cutting back on H1B visas to get India to cooperate! Another suggests that a country 50% female illiteracy has no right to test nuclear weapons.

And they wonder why their jobs are being outsourced.