Monday, April 09, 2007

PM chairs meet on troop withdrawal

So our non-PM now wants to see if he can withdraw troops this summer from J&K just when the infiltration by terrorists increases. Once troop-withdrawal is a fait-accompli, it would make it that much easier for Musharraf to repeat a Kargil or make a run for Srinagar. No points for guessing what the non-PM's reaction would be to such an invasion. Instead of fighting he would run to the UN or the US pleading for intervention.

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Hindu Fundamentalist said...

A Pakistani minister calls the shariat court a "kangaroo court".

The Hindu : International : Woman Minister rejects fatwa
A woman Cabinet Minister, who earned the ire of a Sharia court by hugging her male paragliding coach, said she was not scared of the fatwa issued by the "kangaroo court" and would only go by the "people's court."