Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Centre stopped IIT-M from opening Gujarat branch: Modi

apr 11th, 2007

but happily gives an iit to andhra pradesh, to be set up in medak, a christist center, over protests that it should go to a hindu temple town. naturally, with samuel reddy the evangelist being in charge there, the iit went to the christist town.

if you go to the hyderabad airport, you'll find an offensive poster in the departure lounge. you go around a bend and smack right in front of you (you can't miss it, everyone is forced to see it) is a huge poster of the medak church, another of those third-rate imitations of some european wet-dream, complete with stained glass and whatnot.

why on earth is this offensive poster in the hyderabad airport? answer: because samuel the evangelist *can* put it there.

also, i remember a relatively recent economist article which called buddhadeb bhattacharya 'obviously the best chief minister in india'. so, simon long, are you still sticking by that? the obvious thing that all these white atlanticists and communists and kaangressis cannot stomach is the simple fact that narendra modi appears to be the best chief minister in india.

i believe modi far more than i'd believe that arjun 'dusshasana' singh.

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Centre stopped IIT-M from opening Gujarat branch: Modi


[ TUESDAY, APRIL 03, 2007 03:23:07 AM]

NEW DELHI: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has alleged that the centre has forced IIT Mumbai not to open its extension branch in the state, even as the state was providing land free of cost besides extending other benefits.

He also said Yojana Bhawan should not 'actively participate in party politics' and should restrict its role to development of the country.

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