Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great White Son - Heap Big Mouth
This guy is truly bringing the sheer bankruptcy of the Congress out into the open. Not that it will stop the political party from doing decently. After all Daddy "When the big tree falls, the ground shakes" Gandhi (aka "Nani Yaad Diladenge") was PM - so why cannot this guy hope?
I would encourage folks in UP to vote for the 'Dalit Oppressed' Mayawati than for this Rollins graduated clown of Advanced Basket Weaving. She may hate us but at least she is one of us. How come the press in India does not take him to the cleaners? How come he thinks it was his family and not the Indian soldiers who won us that victory? Can you imagine a BJP leader's son claiming greatness on grounds that they led the country to victory in Kargil?

Of course - I am sure he will also own up to sundry other family enterprises. Here is a sample list
1- the Anti-Sikh pogrom 1984, - Grandma Gandhi --> Papa Gandhi
2- the military intervention in Sri Lanka, - Grandma and Papa Gandhi's
3- the Bofors gun deal (truly good execution skills on that one), - Mama Gandhi and Italian Uncle Q
4- socialist economy & poverty, - All Gandhi and Panditji combined
5- the emergency, - Grandma Gandhi
6- handing Tibet over to the Hans, - Big Big Grandpa Nehru
7- the 1962 defeat at the hands of China, - same as above
8- denying an elderly Shah Bano alimony (in reversal of a Supreme Court order) - Papa Gandhi
9- accepting the partition of India - Big Big Grandpa Nehru

.....need I go on? - wish India had a show like Jon Stewart's - what great material this makes!!


Harish said...

"Rollins graduated clown of Advanced Basket Weaving".. thats so god damn true..
Ever since he opened his mouth for campaigning..Kangress guys are squirming and looking for cover...Its great to see them deny their "leaders" own statements..

It would be a very sad day for our country if in the future he becomes our PM as a leader of some secular concoction of Kangress and the communists..

sands said...

and u missed one thing 1971 war indian army had 90,000 paki soliders in its back pocket after grandma indira "Split" pakistan and then we know what happened Shimla accord ehh??? what does he have to say about that