Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pakistan is Going nowhere By Dr Farrukh Saleem

apr 14th, 2007

yes, this is amusing, thank you, sanjeev. but i thought all 159 million were heading to heaven to amuse themselves with 72x159 million houris?

i saw somewhere some photos of the darth-vader-outfitted females of the lal masjid attacking some 'brothel' (which probably means the madam didn't give free services to some mullah. there was, of course, the famous pakistani mullah 'sandwich', who was found in bed in between *two* prostitutes, one male and one female -- whence the term sandwich.)

ye shall reap as ye sow, eh? next thing these darth-vader females are going to do is to be suicide bombers.

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From: Sanjeev

Rajeev, I thought you may find it amusing ...

Pakistan is Going nowhere By Dr Farrukh Saleem

By Dr Farrukh Saleem

One hundred and fifty-nine million Pakistanis are headed nowhere. If we are going nowhere, I guarantee, that any road will take us there. The day that the chief justice was 'suspended' my closest friend couldn't hold back his tears. We wept not knowing whether the tears dropped for our children, our army or our country. Unprecedented was the fact that a Punjabi and that too from Faisalabad dared say "no".

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Ghost Writer said...

Strange you should use that reap-sow turn of phrase. Read Irfan Husein's latest piece in the Dawn (its true not all Pakistanis are fundamentalists - well perhaps a dozen or so!)
I quite agree with Husein. The problem is in the slogan's that birthed the nation. It cannot roll back now - ideological Islam - cannot roll back in Pakistan. it does not matter what the Wagah candle-lighters say

nizhal yoddha said...

ghostwriter, nice catch! i assure you i was not plagiarizing irfan husein, who does write well. i seldom read him or the other pakistani columnist whose name i forget.

there are one or two non-fundie pakistanis around. one used to have me on his mailing list, along with a lot of fundie pakistanis. it was a revelation to kibbitz on their unguarded conversations. one fine day one of the fundies noticed me on the cc list, and that, i guess, was that! :-)

the non-fundie pakistanis are dying out quickly.

Sameer said...

Rajeev the tailpiece (of the article) really takes the piece of cake.

Tailpiece: I still haven’t been able to understand why the government has not cut off the electricity, water and gas to the entire Lal Masjid complex, with its two radical madressahs. Given the onset of the warm weather, the stifling head-to-toe clothing of the chicks with sticks, and the absence of deodorants, it wouldn’t take long for the students to call it a day.