Thursday, April 12, 2007

india drops intrusive personal-health queries about private feminine matters

apr 12, 2007

why didn't the ELM make any noise about this? that must be because this is just part of RTI. yes, that's the ticket. arjun singh has the RTI about your periods.

anyway, arjun singh seems to have retreated temporarily from the panty battle. of course, being the persistent man that he is, it is certain this query will come back somewhere else. this is all part of 'detoxification'. remember 'toxic shock syndrome'? arjun wants to make sure that the paternalistic indian government will protect women bureaucrats from toxic shock syndrome by keeping close tabs on their personal health.,9294,2-10-1462_2097527,00.html

here's the original report about it:,,2054961,00.html

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Shahryar said...

Excerpt from Menstrual women 'can read maps'

Hamburg - Throughout history, women have been the butt of smirking male jokes about their alleged inability to give directions or to read road maps.

Now, at last, researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, have discovered that a woman's spatial ability, and hence her ability to read maps, actually increases during her menstrual period.

During most of her monthly cycle, higher levels of the female hormone oestrogen are present and these were linked to lower scores on such things as direction finding and map reading.

But when levels of the male hormone testosterone were higher, as during their period, women did better.

The interesting evolutionary question is why was it necessary for women to be better spatially orientated during their periods?

If women tended to do more gathering and men more hunting, women should be expected to be better at locating, identifying, and remembering biological kinds.

And there is some evidence that this is the case: women perform better at tasks of recalling objects.