Friday, April 13, 2007

wolfowitz caught with his hand in the cookie jar

apr 13th, 2007

i like this. the world bank has for long been an arm of american economic policymaking masquerading as some neutral body. having wolfowitz kicked out of there for corruption, nepotism and gross violation of ethics in sleeping with a direct employee will make the world bank look less olympian and lofty and impartial.

this is only the beginning of wolfowitz's problems. first his honey is going to be fired. then he is going to be fired. then the usual suspect mohammedans will take out a contract on him for um... how shall i put it delicately -- bonking a mohammedan honey (iranian, is she?)

nice work for the honey though: $200k tax free. not bad at all, for a clerical type. (compare to vincent george, a typist, who now runs india as sonia gandhi's conscience keeper).

isn't wolfowitz one of the original titans or whatever who wrote bush's master plan? boy, they did get a nasty surprise, didn't they?


san said...

Right you are -- he was part of that neo-con cabale, including Richard Perle, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. See how they fall, one by one -- All the President's Men.

You'd think that Wolfowitz would have tried to keep a squeaky clean act, following his unceremonious departure, with all the brickbats being thrown at him for the Iraq invasion.

Richard Perle has bounced off to England, Abramoff is under indictment for the bribery scandals. Looks like the Israel lobby is in heavy retreat, these days.

TallIndian said...

I would think that Wolfie would be one the guys you would defend. He hates Muslims.

If he had his way, the mideeast would be taken out with neutron bombs so that we can preserve the architecture of Dubai.

san said...

TallIndian, one of the problems I have with the neo-cons is that they deliberately hijacked the war away from the Pak/Talibs towards Iraq. That did none of us any favours.

nizhal yoddha said...

not titans, vulcans, i remember now, san. and you're right, they have shielded the true axis of evil all along, namely pakistan, saudi arabia and china. no favors to india.

tallindian, hating mohammedans is neither a sufficient nor necessary condition for being helpful to india's national interests. you would see this if you weren't such a faithful fan of the Democratic party which loyalty of course they do not reciprocate.