Saturday, April 21, 2007

america's desired map of india: minus kashmir, arunachal, northeast

apr 21st, 2007

i got the following mail from a reader.

on checking the link on the iranian site, i came across the henry sokolski book's cover. i guess this guy is a non-proliferation ayatollah, and i suspect he is an atlanticist democrat. not that it matters, nor the content of his book. but the blatant violation of india's territorial integrity is what shocked me.

1. kashmir completely given away to pakistan and china
2. arunachal pradesh given away to china
3. the entire northeast a different country: presumably christist-stan

with nepal also in communist hands (also supported by christist interests) this is a sweeping master-plan for turning india into a truncated client state of china.

i have seen this very truncated map of india in many US government/quango publications. this is what the US has in mind for india. remember there was a detailed analysis by some us army college of war guy talking about splitting pakistan up? well, they have a similar goal for india as well.

manmohan singh has led india up the garden path with this nuclear deal. the reality is that the US is only interested in thwarting the thorium-fueled fast-breeder ambitions of india. this also enters into the rama-setu destruction, because once that barrier is gone, the next tsunami will wipe out kerala's thorium-bearing coastal sends: ie, end of india's independent nuclear energy capability.

this is one serious conspiracy emerging.

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From: Arya

India's relations with Iran, China worry US: report  362 pages PDF report dated 4/19/07
            This whole Indo-Nuclear agreement is a bogus one... India is being trapped... I have been a long time reader of your blog and know what your position are. However, I always thought that there was a space for some sort of an agreement that could be reach... But it is increasingly becoming evident, that it is nothing but a conspiracy against india, bought by our alleged Prime Minister... How the whole deal has manifested from Civilian nuclear deal to application toward NPT/CTBT guidelines, and at last, India's relationship with Iran.... What was agreed on July 2005 has been lost in shrewed thinking of USA....
Above all that, then there is supply of Uranium. Uranium has already reached $94/pound from what was just $7/pound in 2000... Check out the following link Uranium price - will it hit $100 this year? - Money Week

See what's free at


Ghost Writer said...

Thanks to the reader for a timely update on Uranium interests and prices - this business is what is pushing the deal in the US, but they just cant get past the 'greedy' non-proliferation hawks (ah - the shoe is on the other foot). Even if America allows
1- reprocessing of spent fuel and
2- guaranteed fuel supply on retesting -and with the Hans on the NSG this will never happen
but even if these are true - the deal is still a stinker. It puts India's nuclear AND energy security in the hands of Uranium price setters in the US and Australia. They will end up being the Saudi's of tomorrow. They will disarm India and squeeze her of energy whenever they want.

We have to go with Thorium in a big way. Let the Chinese produce Ur based power - with outdated Soviet era reactors; and then deal with the nuclear waste. If we do a good job researching that technology we will crash the price of both oil and Uranium. More countries will be happier setting up Th based nuclear power than Ur. We will be independent and technologically and environmentally in a better place compared to China.
However, we have only a very short time window. Rising UR prices make Th based power more economically competitive everyday. However, if we do not carry on with the research - China will have us outflanked on nuclear energy. They have already done this with Petro contracts all over the world. Of course, we have the idiot UPA that needs to understand!

chitrakut said...

Uranium prices have already hit $100.00. In fact last week they were trading at $130.00 a pound. It is a good time to buy CCJ (NYSE) which mines and sells Uranium.


If there was a stock for a company that mined Thorium, I would buy it right away. I wish there was one. And I hope India develops the Thorium reactor process. We are said to have 290,000 tonnes of thorium ore in our country, which is 32% of the worlds known reserves. Thorium is more abundant than uranium. The spent feul in Thorium reactors cannot be used to make nuclear weapons. I wish the GOI allocates more money to the R&D of Thorium to develop it faster

witan said...

Rajeev said: "i have seen this very truncated map of india in many US government/quango publications. ..."
It is "ditto" for most (if not all) UN / UNESCO maps of the region. It appears that it's the CIA that supplies these maps, as also regional information, to UN.
In fact, most US universities also have maps showing part or whole of Kashmir as belonging to Pakistan. Same with CNN, BBC, et al.
The Government of India does not seem to have protested.
When Tsunami struck in 2004, Times of India web site carried a "flash" animated graphic showing the progress of the tsunami wave. That map also showed parts of Kashmir as belonging to Pakistan and China. I vaguely remember ToI put out an apology later.
Here are some stray examples I found in a few minutes using Google: