Monday, April 23, 2007

symphony based on indian ragas

apr 23rd, 2007

here's what i got from kannikeswaran: he's obviously a musical man, and he has also put together this great site on indian temples:


Hello Rajeev:
It is my pleasure to let you know of the upcoming performance of a choral symphonic work that I have written. The Sound of Seasons, is a choral symphony celebrating the ragas of Indian Classical music that are associated with the 6 seasons of vasanta, grishma, varsha, sharad, hemanta and shishira.
It is to be performed by the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra (the first performance of a raga based work by this orchestra) along with the Indian children's choir (from the Beyond Seasons workshop that is now about 9 months old), the Cincinnati children's choir, and the Shanti choir ( ).
Indian arts have a profound relationship with all aspects of existence. The fact that there are ragas associated with seasons, and that they have survived the test of time says something about the universality and all embracing approach of our culture that we cherish so much.
It gives me great pleasure to write to you about this concert and to invite you to this performance (Sunday, May 6 2007). This project has been in the works for over a year and children of the Indian diaspora here have been learning these ragas, almost in tune with the changing seasons. After the spectacular success of Shanti, ( it has been great working with the next generation of community singers.
Look forward to hearing from you. For more info, please see
Thank you.

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