Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WARNING: not for the queasy. arjun singh wants to get into your panties

apr 11th, 2007

literally, if you are a bureaucrat woman. (does arjun have some fantasies about woman bureaucrats? i am reminded of that tasteless remark by prince charles about camilla's tampons.)

and i suppose my good friends shabana azmi, teesta setalvad, et al are eagerly volunteering information about their periods as well. (hmm... come to think of it, some of these viragos, given their constant state of angry, aggressive, PMS, must be permanently on their 'time of the month'. yes, a medical miracle indeed. quick, get the vatican to investigate. might be time to beatify some of them. find a christist woman among these activists and get the 'miracle' certified and 'saint' her.),,2054961,00.html

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