Thursday, January 04, 2007

stock markets etc.

thanks to you guys for your comments on the markets.

i am diversifying by getting rid of some of my existing mutual funds in the US and also getting into some new funds in india.

i think there will be a moderately soft landing in the US, but long-term the US dollar is going to continue to slide. thus it's worth moving some dollars to india given that the rupee has not yet appreciated much against the dollar.

any recommendations for good mutual funds in the US? i generally buy tech stocks because i have an idea about them, but otherwise i invest in mutual funds in sectors i am not so familiar with. any suggestions from you guys about good mutual funds?

i dont invest in individual stocks in india, but invest in sector-oriented mutual funds. in india, IT funds and diversified equity funds have done well. i see growth potential in banking, infrastructure, automotive and FMCG funds going forward. any suggestions/comments?

also thanks to darkstorm for comments on AMD dual-core (which is a lot cheaper than intel core2duo) but lower in performance (but sufficient for a non-gamer) and on the free software package. i have used openoffice quite a bit (in fact that's what's on my personal laptop as i wasnt about to go pay for ms office). it's not bad, a little clunky but acceptable.


Ghost Writer said...

I am not sure sector specific funds is the way to go. You are tying up too much on specific industries doing well, which will not always be the case.
I still believe a well-diversified, broad based fund is the best way to go in India.

Franklin Templeton India has a growth fund which I bought a few years back - I am very happy with the service (everything is Internet enabled) and tools that they provide. The fund has been doing very well too

bodhi dharma said...


Try mutual funds investing in international stocks like Dodge & cox internation stock or T.Rowe latin america or Janus overseas. They have performed well of late, and anyway they would give better returns than the domestic invested funds.

If technology stocks surge in US, this affects Indian tech stocks. Since tech growth is predicted for 2007, tech mutual funds (PruICICI technology, Magnum IT) should also perform well. Try researching on Infrastructure funds from TATA and PruICICI also.