Thursday, January 04, 2007

pakistan's stock market and chinese as honorary white/WASPs

jan 4th, 2007

last year money shankar iyer had crowed that pakistan's stock market was one of the fastest growing, indeed it was growing faster than india's. and so what happened this year?

and also take a look at saudi arabia's stock market shrinking by 50%. odd, does that mean investors see a pretty dim future for the nation despite the oil bonanza?

similarly, are investors discounting pakistan's future as a brilliant producer of weapons of mass destruction (ie. jihadis)?

also note how in this listing, china and japan have become 'honorary WASP nations' -- they are listed in the anglo-american category along with britain and canada. poor australia has to fend for itself in the 'asia' category. isn't this a little strange? shows more limey ass-kissing -- south africans under apartheid had deemed japanese 'honorary whites', now chinese are 'honorary white english-speaking nations' :-) i tell you, the economist is really a bellwether indicating fashion trends.

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