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on assam and bangladesh: which may soon be one and the same

jan 9th, 1007

On 1/10/07, Na


I have studied my undergraduate in an assam border district and when I went to the bordering district of Karmiganj more than 15 years back it totally resembled a Bangladeshi town (flowing beards, burkhas everywhere).  The border is so porous, people work daily jobs in india(assom) and go about back to Bangladesh when ever they want. I even heard that Syhlet bordering assam was not even Muslim majority but still became part of bangladesh during the British division of Bengal.

My Hindu classmate from upper assom (a bengali hindu refugeee during 1971) told the modus operandi was very simple. First rent few houses from hindus in a street. Then when the muslim population (read bangladeshi) increases, do the soft crimes, molest hindu house wifes (rape), abduct teenage hindu girls and the hindu family flees north to avoid social oscratisation to upper assam still a hindu majority. That is how the districts from bottom up become bangladeshi colonies.

Here in the rediff column, B. Raman mentioned that now what ULFA is doing is setting the stage for an 'ECONOMIC VACCUM' to make it "a quick BURST /SURGE" (If you take Washington's language for Iraqi troop augumentation) to make a quick overnite settlement in ASSAM where the Bhojpuri speaking hindu labor were there initially. ULFA started as a movement(Prafulla Mahanta and Brighu Pukhan -- remember assam accord with Rajiv Gandhi) against bengali muslim migration, and see what it ended up in being. They are killing the nationalistic north indian Hindu migratory workers. I visited the tea gardenns in Cachar district and was shocked to see that the bihari (in fact Bhojpuri) speaking population migrated more than a century back in some cases 2 centuries back as indentured labor when the british saw a great opportunity in the countryside (abundant water and porus soil and undulating land) for tea. Even know, the Lipton and other british tea copanies own most of the tea gardens in india.

You know why, the current and previous congress govt, relies on the bangaldeshi muslim votes. Last time the crucial home ministry in assam was given to a bengali muslim who ensures that the influx happens without any problems. They vote for congress till they are in a position to form a govt on their own.

You know how the congress wins. In the Andhra Pradesh elections of 2004: Maoists ensured that Telegu Desam and BJP candidates got bombed in the districts they infest (mostly telengana). The maoists ensured the congress (TRS combination) wins. Immidiately after the Y Samuel Reddy govt gave ceasefire and called for talks. (It is a different situation now….the YSR govt is back to fighting the Maoists).

In the last elections in Karnataka the Bishops held a conference in Bangalore and asked all Christians to vote for congress. It is a different situation now with Kumaraswamy and BJP ruling the state.

In last Assam Elections the benagli muslim and money liquor vote with ULFA tactical backing won the Assam elections. No wonder the Tarun gogoi govt says 'TALKS' with ULFA (Just liket his Samuel Buddy who held TALKS with the Maoists for gifiting then the CM gaddi.)

So bottom line is if the people want India to disintergrate == simply vote for Congress they will ensure that it happens.


ULFA, an agent for India's enemies

January 09, 2007

In 13 different incidents reported since January 5, from the districts of Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sivasagar and Dhemaji, the United Liberation Front of Asom is reported to have mowed down in cold blood about 60 poor workers from Bihar who had gone to Assam to earn their living as milk vendors, workers in brick kilns etc. These workers -- all Hindi speakers -- were allegedly separated from Assamese-speaking workers living in the same area and were shot dead at point blank range with hand-held weapons.


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