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Family planning minister asks Muslim women to produce as many healthy kids as they want, says Mulayam govt will pay Rs 1,400 per child

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From: Rajeev

jan 07, 2007

how to indulge in demographic warfare by breeding like mad, and get the darn hindus to pay for it.

the christists did this successfully in kerala, btw. the hindu state gave them rs. 10,000 in 1819 to set up a church. (this was under extreme duress from the limey 'resident' monroe). that 10,000 is worth rs. 17920 million now. and it has produced 10 million christists in kerala. ie. hindus paid rs. 1792 to produce each christist in kerala.

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From: S,~govt~will~pay:~Minister~to~Muslim~women

Hello Rajeev,

It was know some 2 decades back that muslim women
(family) got some support from the mosque (read saudi
petro money) for having big families.. (for the day
they can outnumber the hindus in the near future).

Now looks like the government is stepping in to pay
the money.

Please let the readers aware by this news item below.


Minister 'removes' 2-child norm

Family planning minister asks Muslim women to produce
as many healthy kids as they want, says Mulayam govt
will pay Rs 1,400 per child

Maulshree Seth

Lucknow, January 6: In a statement that shocked even
officials of the state Health Department, Ahmad Hasan,
the family planning minister of Uttar Pradesh, today
announced that Muslim women can produce as many
healthy children as they want, and that the state
government would give Rs 1,400 to take care of each

Hasan made the statement while addressing a gathering
today, after a Pulse Polio awareness rally was taken
out by Muslim women in the Old City on eve of the next
phase of Pulse polio drive, starting on Sunday.

The support extended by the minister, though, had one
condition: "You (Muslim women) can produce as many
healthy children as you can afford and I am there to
support you. But do come out and support us in need
(read upcoming state Assembly elections). We will make
all your dreams come true in the next five years."

Hasan said the Congress government had advocated the
two-child policy but the Samajwadi Party government
would help them in all possible way to have more
children. "Congress ki sarkar ne do bachhon ke bad rok
laga di thhi, par hum samajhte hain ki yeh apka faisla
hai (Congress government had put the two-child norm in
place but we feel it's your decision to put a cap on
your family)," Hasan said. "So, you can produce as
many healthy children as you want."

Though the statement shocked and surprised even the
women at the gathering, they applauded the minister
the moment he announced that the government would give
Rs 1,400 for every child.

Hasan also put the onus of the increasing number of
polio cases in the state on the Centre and said the
state health Department could not pursue the Pulse
Polio programme as it desired due to the Centre's

Meanwhile, making evident that the Assembly polls are
round the corner, Hasan went on with his
announcements: "You give us land on rent of Rs 5,000
and we will give you hospital wherever you want. You
select the doctors, we will appoint them at Rs

Interestingly, while Hasan and the Health officials
claimed a good response, Newsline found that the
younger lot of women with children was lured to the
rally with promises of money, while the elder ones
were told that they would get pension. Many women from
different localities of the Old City confirmed the
fact, though Health Department officials refuted these

"There was an announcement in our area that we will be
paid money if we come here, and that's why I am here
with my one-year-old daughter. I also called other
women from the locality," said Shanno of Chowk area.
Asked about the polio drop, she said her daughter,
Sheher, was not administered the drop.

The elderly women, meanwhile, could be seen with
ration cards in hand. "We were told that they would
give us pension if we participated in the rally," said
Munnavar Jahan, from Kashmiri Mohalla in the Old City.

But Dr S K Srivastava, director general, Medical and
Health, said: "No such bait was given, neither did we
make any promises. They have all come here willingly,"

Meanwhile, the Health officials present at the meeting
preferred to not comment on the minister's statement
about childbirth

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