Tuesday, January 09, 2007

and now, back in the south: Arms seized in Kochi with copies of...

jan 9th, 2007

i wonder if the consignment was going to a 'kashmiri emporium'.

near iim calicut, by the way, there's a 500-acre plot recently bought by mohammedans, where they are 'training' kashmiris. training in what, nobody knows. this whole setup is funded by arabs.

koya is a malabar mohammedan name.

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A Malayalam paper reports that the consignment was meant for one Mr Koya ...
52 gas-powered rifles, pistols seized in Kochi

Kochi, Jan. 9 (PTI): Customs officials seized 18 rifles and 34 pistols, all gas-powered, while searching a furniture consignment that arrived here from Dubai.

Of the 810 packages in the consignment, only eight have been opened and the search is expected to continue till late tonight. No arrests have been made yet, customs sources told PTI.

Copies of the Koran were found in packages containing the carbon-dioxide guns, which come under the category of air pistols and air guns which are restricted in India. Arms experts have examined the weapons, which can be used for training purposes, sources said.

The air pistols are exact replicas of real weapons and many countries have banned them, they said.

The consignment was meant for Premier Exports at Wellington Island in Kochi, and was sent by Palson Trading Company of Dubai. The last port of call of the ship that carried it was Jebelali, sources said.

A representative of Premier Exports from Thrissur is being interrogated and his residence has been searched.

The Intelligence Bureau, Special Branch, Naval Intelligence and top police officials are looking into the matter.

Acting on suspicions, customs officials today searched the consignment, which was at a private container freight station and found the guns concealed in the furniture.

State Home Minister, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, told reporters at Thiruvanathapuram that Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence), Jacob Poonoose, has been asked to enquire into the seizure of the guns.


bodhi dharma said...


The arms godown is owned by a chritist IG's brother. This IG- Tom Thankachery ('god' of plagiarism of malayalam music) was recently in news for supporting full-fledged video piracy in his wife's recording studio. Is there a secret nexus between the blood thirsty christists and mohammedans to ethnically wipe off hindus from Kerala?

bly243001 said...

Come on guys, you are depressing me...there has been a deluge of disastrous news for India and Hindus in recent months. Can somebody post atleast one article that may show some hope?

drisyadrisya said...

Just some technical corrections, bodhi dharma

* IG is Tomin Thachankary ..

* Yeah, When the police seized them, it consignment was kept in a godown owned by Tomin's brother

* Tomin is known to have close ties with the communist leader Pinarayi Vijayan (CPM state secretary) - who by the way was the one pitching up a Muslim CM candidate against VS Achuthanandan

So all in, the picture seems to emerge clearer.. An Islamist-Christist-Commie nexus

also, read more about the video piracy drama at

iamfordemocracy said...
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Prakash Narayanan said...

I don’t agree with iamfordemocracy. We are always looking to others asking what they can do for us. Cant we look into ourself and check how can we support them ? There are so many Hindu organizations and representatives in Kerala but how much support they get? Recently the swamiji from Chengottukonam passed away. He had started a news paper in kerala called punnybhoomi. 2 months back when I was in Kerala I heard from some of its organizers that they lacked money and general support from the common Hindus and that resulted that attempt as a failure. My take to this issue is..

1. Try to support and donate your local temples, which you know personally.

2. Participate or make your friends or others to participate in the so called Hindu movements..

3. Try to know what Hindu organizations are doing and help them in your own way.

For example, When Mr. Vellappilli Natesan urges for a unity of Hindus in Kerala, be supportive to him. His aim is a common platform for all hindus from Adivasi to Namboodiri.

So it is time for us, the common hindus to support their movements…

iamfordemocracy said...
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