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Fragile Islam, Touchy Muslims

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Fragile Islam, Touchy Muslims
By: Prabhat Varun
February 19, 2006
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Islamic world is in uproar over the alleged insult of Prophet Muhammad by his depiction in the Danish daily Jylland Posten and then in several other European newspapers. In India also Muslims are demonstrating continuously. Leftists, Secularists and all other ilk of Indian Secular militia are as usual united in their support to the 'persecuted Muslims' by the 'bully' West. However, the nationalist faction, which is believed to be rightist and castigated by the Leftist parties as untouchables, is also against the 'insult of the Prophet'. Overall, 'West' is blamed for inflaming the sentiments of the oppressed 'Asians'.

However, we cannot blame the West entirely for the uproar in Islamic world. After 9/11, 3/11 Madrid, 7/7, Beslan genocide, Moscow theatre-siege, French civil war, Van Gogh Assassination, Australian riots and innumerable beheadings of Western journalists, soldiers and civilians by Islam and Muslims, the West is not entirely unjustified in taking out its rage over its perceived enemy by just etching out the portrait of Prophet Muhammad. And that was not quite a provocative act. After all, the portraits did nowhere insult Prophet Muhammad. It was just humorous artistic expression of what those cartoonists thought of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad was nowhere ridiculed, what was ridiculed was the idea that he cannot be depicted.



makdom said...

I think the individual responsible for the caricature is just to mock the Muslims. You yourself should kmow the sentiments that they potray in their writings and the biased reporting by those in America and the West. Still I do feel that some of the Muslim groups has gone overboard with it.

saras said...

Through their mostly violent demonstrations against the Danish cartoons, the Muslims in many parts of the world have given away their little secret- that their religion is fragile and violent. Now compare this with the muted response of the Hindus over the MF Hussain's blasphemic act of drawing nude figures of Goddesses and Bharat Mata.

A majestic animal like elephant stoically moves forward in its path, when dogs bark on the wayside.

Now you can draw whatever conclusions you want from this comparison.

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