Friday, March 24, 2006

paradigm shift: why 'fear of engineering'

mar 24th

it should also be 'fear of computer science'.

the computer scientists are bringing out fundamental new approaches that affect everything.

the open-source approach being used in other fields
the use of computerized proofs eg in the four color theorem when formal proofs were not forthcoming. proof by existence is a new model in mathematics
my explanation for why the distributed system of hinduism was more robust than the centralized system of buddhism when mohammedans attacked

no wonder the flat-earth types like witzel and thapar are so foul-mouthed in attacking computing types. they are seeing the death throes of their creationist fantasies.

although coming from microsoft this is surely a little self-serving :-)


Kaunteya said...

Sycophancy unlimited from TOI

virat0 said...

It is not sycophancy, Kaunteya, It is Jehad, they would make her a MT.
It is important to take Rama Nama, seriously( laugh at this absurdity :) )

Rajeev, I think computer science changed the paradigm of fixation, there is so much complex data that, any one who understands them would command a good price, unless software become monolithic, accessible to big entities. This basically punctures the fixation and moves to a system approach. But how many would indeed understand or work or use such complexity ? While computers would puncture objective theories in classical mould, would this have a direct impact on public ?

KapiDhwaja said...

Thanks for posting the above link-Sycophancy Unlimited, Kaunteya. Reading it makes me puke. Wonder who the author of that article is.

You know, those who grovel shamelessly like these Kangressi types, are also the ones who ruthlessly try to subdue others who are their subordinates. Same case with the AIADMK types in Tamil Nadu. They grovel before 'Amma', and expect others to grovel before them in the same manner. Guess it is the mentality of bullies. Utterly disgusting.

Ragz said...

Now, peace and security pact with Pukistan? What the hell is security pact? Security for Pukistan? From whom? Every time there is a terror attack in India, it seems the government is going an extra step in the
"peace process". What's going on here? Don't consider this BJP bashing, but don't you guys think that the peace process initiated by BJP has emboldened Congress to do what ever they want with Kashimir and Pukistan. If the hawkish BJP wanted to be friendly with Pukistan, what else can Congress and Communists do, except provide security to it.

KapiDhwaja said...

Yes you are right Ragz. It is BJP's Vajpayee of the 'Hum Jung ne hone denge' fame along with fellow joker Advani who is responsible for this piss-process with Pakistan. But we as Hindus have no choice other than the BJP at this juncture. It is the least of the bad choices that we have.

I strongly recommend kicking out Vajpayee and Advani, and bringing in Modi as the Prime-Ministerial candidate, if the BJP is serious about winning the next election.

Kalyani said...

Ragz is absolutely right.

On the thought level bjp(a lot of hindus) still has not identified its enemies.It has this preposterous attitude of *the estranged brothers to be won over by more concessions...cultural exchanges.. blahblah*.I read some concessions have already been made to pakis on Siachen issue,by the present government.Not surprising.

Incidentally,whenever I spot ex president R.Venkatraman pottering around certain Swamiji's Ashramam,his holding aloft yasser arafat's hand while in power comes to my mind:)Oh yes,they all get predictable pangs of conscience after retirement and would churn out memoirs too:))Now we hear of India's official recognition of hamas govt...has any government been TRULY representative of Hindus?

It is Hindus' collective idiocy that makes jihad a cakewalk for the jihadists.Jihadists doctrine unequivocally spells ingratitude towards "kafirs"...any amount of dissembling is allowed with only rewards awaiting them!That, 'we' are the "white man's burden " too is the icing on the cake!!

I also read Hindus living in close proximity with jihadis in UP fast during ramadan to "coexist peacefully with them:))