Sunday, March 19, 2006

indiacause PRESS RELEASE: 1,00,000 e-Letters campaign for Hindus in Russia

mar 19th


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Date: Mar 19, 2006 12:59 PM
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: 1,00,000 e-Letters campaign for Hindus in Russia

PRESS RELEASE: 1,00,000 e-Letters campaign for Hindus in Russia

Release at IndiaCause

IndiaCause has successfully launched E-Letter campaign to protest Religious Extremism against the Hindu community in Russia.

We have already issued over 25,000 e-letter copies (1,000+ emails to 25 agencies) in the first week of this campaign.

All the details of this campaign and pictures are provided here:

Our past successes include:
1. Microsoft removes "Disputed" from J&K
2. Apology from World's #1 Men's Magazine, for Gandhi Cartoon
3. Apology from 'Toronto Star' for 'Nude' Durga
4. Apology from American Eagle for Ganesha Slippers
5. Kanchan Mishra Rescued, Bihar Gangster Arrested.
6. FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K
7. CNN withdraws India Map without J&K
8. PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda
9. Chicago Radio Host apologizes over anti-India Talk
10. Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn
      and many more.......

List of Successful efforts at IndiaCause:

Media Coverage:

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Mahendra Joshi

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DarkStorm said...

But why protest against Gandhi cartoons.. wasnt he anti-India by his actions.. ????

Kalyani said...

But,how many care to know and willing to admit he was a traitor and nothing but a m....m appeaser?Brain washed people around...

Kalyani said...

Recently,a restaurant in Chennai (patronized by foreigners too)made indians serving food, wear masks of Hindu God Ganesha.

It was reported only in one Thamizh magazine with photographs but the name of the hotel or its owner was omitted.

Thamizh movies very often are outrageously blasphemous too.You would find christist heroes(or naastiks..they are all the same *special indiansickularterrorists*)cavorting around right on top of Cutouts or Icons of Hindu Gods.At times in Temple premises!!

When people protest,they are branded "intolerant" !

Such rapid deterioration of morality renders one numb slowly,that I feel future reports of "so many perished or suffered due to lack of ......" would fail to have any impact on me!