Friday, March 24, 2006

marxists and their petard flopping in kerala

mar 24th

finally, it appears v s achuthanandan is going to be projected as the chief ministerial candidate, after all.

what happened to the unheard-of mohammedan who was going to be pinarayi vijayan's cm candidate? the paswan tactic seems to have backfired.

i guess the fear of losing a few million ezhava votes did have its impact.

therefore ezhavas -- who have been the water-carriers for the party, taken for granted -- should accelerate their shift to hindu parties. which means the bjp alone, sadly. ezhavas and nairs have started some tentative unity talks; if they stick together they still have significant numbers, maybe even 30%, so they can be a swing vote in kerala.

i mentioned 33% of kerala is marxist. a lot of people with hindu names are converted marxists. these have to be de-converted and de-brainwashed to fend off the 33% christists (a lot of whom also have hindu names) as stealth christists) and 33% (to give credit where it is due, no mohammedan goes around with a stealth hindu name, they all wear their arab names proudly).

in passing, let us note that *all* development in kerala has been in
a) cochin area, which is totally dominated by christists who have migrated en masse from kottayam and pala, their strongholds
b) malabar area, which is dominated by mohammedans

as part of appeasement, the IIM went to malabar. the REC went to malabar. the IIT is supposed to go to cochin. the airport in cochin has been dramatically subsidized by the govt, and all sorts of flights have quietly been diverted there from trivandrum. the trivandrum airport got no investment for 30 years!

even the mohammedans are now complaining about the christists diverting all investment to cochin.

in the southern districts, alappuzha, kollam and trivandrum, there has been *absolutely* no investment of any kind. why? there are acutal hindus living in these places (or at least people with hindu names). so they need to be kept down.

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