Wednesday, March 01, 2006

pioneer: Divide and rule

mar 1st

education is the key battleground. nurul hassan and other nehruvians have addled a large fraction of india's current citizens into believing in the state religion of 'secularism', also known as pandering to mohammedans, christists and marxists -- people of the Book (green book, white book, red book).

future generations are under threat from arjun singh.

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Divide and rule
By Udayan Namboodiri

This is crossroads time for Indian education. In just a couple of weeks from now, a bizarre format will be in operation in India's schools, one that is totally out of sync with the needs and aspirations of this country. The National Curriculum Format (NCF-2005), was developed in secrecy and passed with the help of brute force by a Government which owes its survival to the same elements that once backed India's partition and lobbied for support for the Chinese invasion of India.

To its cheerleaders it is immaterial that the new system violates the National Policy on Education in letter and spirit. Arjun Singh and his cohorts have so managed to sex up education that issues like developing national temper, environment awareness and awareness of heritage are immaterial. The only aspect that matters is whether the minorities are being appeased. Or whether the "load" (whatever it means) is reduced. All kinds of frothy, peripheral questions which nobody ever imagined could enter the world of the schoolgoer, are set to become the summum bonum of education.

Even India's erstwhile colonisers would not have dreamed of imposing a pedagogy as spurious as the one that Arjun Singh and his jholawalla backers have designed for the new generation. They would like Indian children to know more about Ho Chi Minh and Count Cavour than Adi Shankaracharya and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. A Government that professes to uphold the interests of the Aam Admi has introduced a format that gives a natural advantage to children going to schools with well stocked libraries and returning to homes fitted out with internet-enabled computers.

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