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On the energy revolution to come?

mar 26th

long but interesting interview with craig venter. check out his ideas on energy and oil substitution. good forward by dr. sen.

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Some of you may this interesting enough to read/browse despite its length.
April 2006 | 121 »  Interview » Craig Venter
The maverick who led the private-sector human genome sequencing now has plans for clean energy. He says he never aimed to "privatise" the genome and thinks science and commerce can be best friends

Alun Anderson

Alun Anderson is a former editor-in-chief of New Scientist

If you had led a team that sequenced the human genome, then became the world's first biotechnology billionaire (on paper, at least), and had just finished sailing around the world on your own 95-foot yacht, what would you do next? How about creating life from scratch, saving the Earth from global warming and, as a by-product, ending western dependence on imported energy?

That's what Craig Venter, the scientist whose private company raced the rest of the world to sequence the human genome, is apparently up to—and I've come to meet him in his London hotel to hear more. If the stories were about anyone other than Venter, I would assume they were just dreams. But he has a record of going where no one else would dare, which is why he is described as a maverick, pirate, opportunist, egoist and the "bad boy" of science. And now he has raised a lot of money for a new company looking at novel sources of energy, and has just recruited a top US department of energy official, Aristides Patrinos, to join him. Patrinos is well connected to those who set US energy policy and is said to have had a hand in President Bush's recent state of the union commitments to finding new energy sources.

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