Wednesday, March 29, 2006

eu to microsoft: you better watch it, boy!

mar 29th

i wonder if the eu can do what the us regulators were not able to do: scare microsoft into being good little boys.


DarkStorm said...

Well, Microsoft does indulge in bad market practices. For example, it forces OEMs to bundle windows. Even though you later format your disk and install *nix, you are still paying for Windows.

And Microsoft seems to have allied with AMD now, instead of Intel. Intel is now the follower of AMD architecture. Good turnaround , AMD.

Rajeev, but dont you think Windows is actually good, given other alternatives in the market. See my earlier comments too on your post about updating to Windows Vista.

nizhal yoddha said...

darkstorm, i think microsoft has been good for its shareholders. it has innovated on the business model and done a darn good job of it. in terms of technological innovation, microsoft has done nothing of note. it has also been a 'fast follower', never a 'first mover'.

their business model innovation was to recognize a) that the os is valuable because of network effects, b) to ruthlessly leverage their os monopoly to push other products. very clever.

i may even buy some microsoft stock, but i am not doing it because i believe in microsoft, but because of their monopoly position.

in other words, no, i dont think windows is good.

DarkStorm said...

Well, what you say is true , nizhal yoddha.

They are not innovators, they are fast followers and most importantly, they are very good improvisers. I have seen this many a times, some innovation takes place, they improvise on it heavily and the product hits the market.

Eg. They used many *nix innovations, they came out with IE after netscape's slow browser, they came out with their own JVM implementation which supposedly was faster and more stable than Java's own JVM, they came out with C# , a much improvised Java.

I believe there is still some time before Linux hits MS on the desktop. And you dont need to upgrade to Vista so soon. When Vista comes out, XP prices will fall. So you can go for XP. Staying one version behind means you get a more stable version of the OS.