Monday, March 27, 2006

ex-editor of marxism today trashes the us and praises china. but of course.

mar 27th

the man is singing for his supper, can't blame him.

he told me personally in email that his indian wife had been effectively murdered by chinese racism.

but he himself has no problem with china taking over. i think he's a white guy, but he may be from the west indies, i dont know.

he's yet another limey preparing to kiss chinese ass (like the guy who's doing the 'admiral' zheng he mythology -- you know, the mohammedan chinese eunuch who basically owns the indian ocean because he sailed around it?) now that they realize america is on the downswing. rats, sinking ship, etc.

when india is on the upswing, these limeys will be prepared to kiss indian ass too. the nation of shopkeepers is the nation of butlers and flunkeys as well. (offtopic: read kazuo ishiguro's luminous and magnificent 'the remains of the day' for butler-lore, not the wodehouse stuff).

btw, crown prince charles of the uk is in india. i wonder what gems of utter brilliance he is going to utter. his dad, philip, who appears to have the IQ of a doorknob, famously declared after going to the jallianwallah bagh memorial that not so many people had died there, no, surely not 1579 killed/wounded with 1650 bullets. and how did he know? why, general dyer's son had told him! (general dyer ordered the massacre in the walled garden).

i look forward with bated breath for charles to surpass his father's feat.

as a caste, the inbred british royalty and hangers-on have the brains of large flightless birds. dodos leap to mind.

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fyi, by ex-editor of Marxism Today whose Indian wife racist Hong Kong Chinese hospital surgeons allowed to die from neglect, according to him. But this is about the US and the implied rise of China.