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mar 23

mohammedans like this fellow (note his email id 'ghazi' which means 'killer of non-muslims') and that 'allama' iqbal (both people who rejected india comprehensively and moved to pakistan) may weep copious tears over their religious structures being converted by their mirror image fellow semite christists. but they have no empathy. they cannot understand why hindus would feel the same way about ayodhya for instance, or buddhists about bamiyan.

of course, mohammedans are superior to all others -- why, their book says so and their god actually said that explicitly, before promising them that they will take over the world. so they dont have to empathize with others. and they dont have to care.

they can get upset over the danish cartoons, but their man hussain can draw/paint offensive things about hindus. why, mohammedans being superior this is just fine and dandy. and the marxists will tell you this is fine too. so it must be true.

so why should the rest of us care about the problems of mohammedans?

it's interesting to imagine what the mohammedans will do to the shrines of christism in europe if they (or is it 'when they'?) take over through demographic warfare. well, pretty much what they did to hindu shrines, eg. in vijayanagar and in hundreds of thousands of temples in northern india: desecration, destruction, vandalism, erection of their desert domes over them.

but i suspect the christists will do something before it comes to this. for instance, if the mohammedans hit american hard again, i am pretty sure the yanks will nuke mecca and medina. what will it do to a triumphalist mohammedanism if its principal shrine has been wiped out? i imagine it will cause mohammedanism to collapse instantly, as the idea of its special relationship with its god, and the promise of world domination, would all be seen as a little hard to substantiate at that point.

mohammedanism is vulnerable because it places so much emphasis on honoring a building (do they worship it? i see its pictures everywhere). what if there is an earthquake and the black cube is destroyed?

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Dear Rajeev Srinivasan,
I would like to mention about the change in "Religious Minority" in Spain over a period of time, and how the people have taken it,
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