Friday, March 24, 2006

'hoist by their own petard'!

mar 24

one of the favorite phrases of indian journalists.

well, sonia has been done by in the too-clever-by-half tactics of her own partymen.

and now somnath the speaker and almost all of the marxists in parliament will have to follow suit too :-) in 'sacrificing'. they have been 'sacrificing' quite lavishly for some time at state expense in for-profit jobs.

and the marxists are also being done in by their own petard, the myth of party unity. in kerala, the ldf appears to be in disarray, desperately falling back on the ram vilas paswan tactic ("mohammedan for chief minister! other plans for the state? i don't have any other plans for the state").

i do hope the hindus especially the ezhavas of kerala just dump the marxists this time and vote massively for the bjp. of course it makes no sense to vote for the christist villains of the congress either.

yes, yes, the bjp is a bad party, only it's better than all the others on offer: mullah-party, padre-party, and maoputra-party.


Ragz said...

I too wish the Ezhavas in Kerala vote for BJP. I don't know how much of an impact will it have on the outcome, but at the least it will suggest that Hindus can vote as a block. I also see - going by the recent statements - that BJP is trying to get its identity back. One small victory is Sonia's resignation. Resignation itself is not of any significance, but this time I don't see any guilt on the face of BJP for making Sonia resign. Last time when Sonia was made to "sacrifice" the prime minister ship, the sympathy that generated made BJP drown itself in collective shame, as if it has done a great crime. I hope they are learning something here. In 90's Hindus believed in BJP because of it's positive ideology. Now hapless Hindus like you and me believe in it because it's lesser of the evils. Hopefully BJP will emerge from this morass more strongly than before. At the same time, I want to mention that the deal they are trying to make with TRS in AP is a gross mistake. Chandrashekar Rao is a thoroughly corrupt and self serving individual who has no interest in the welfare of Telangana. By aligning with him, BJP is losing the little credibility and following it has in AP, especially in Telangana region.

iamfordemocracy said...

If you examine the reports of W. Bengal 'poll management' by the CPM, you would definitely applaud them for a thorough operation. BJP can take a leaf out of CPM methodology. One idea would be to try and confuse the 'block voters'. Muslims have been known to vote against BJP en block, and by clever design. BJP would do well to circulate stories of proselytisation in Kashmir; the excesses in Iraq and in prison where Americans are holding Muslims; and link the two with Sonia Gandhi and her rule. Surely, the Muslims won't vote en block for Christian dominanance. The problem is, will the BJP think out of the box?

donotspam said...

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Kalyani said...

"In 90's Hindus believed in BJP because of it's positive ideology. Now hapless Hindus like you and me believe in it because it's lesser of the evils".

Ragz, you have echoed my thoughts too!