Friday, March 17, 2006

center for indian knowledge systems

mar 17th

highly recommended.

i bought the complete works of dharampal from there on a visit to chennai.

they have a whole range of books on environmentally conscious agriculture, etc. which use age-old techniques.

there's a great book by a japanese architect on the temple architecture of india, considered a classic. i should buy that too one of these days.

and then there's the goan guy (i forget his name, is it richard crasta?) whose critique of whites and white-wannabe indians is one of the most forceful i have ever read. i think it's 'impressing the whites'.


someone said...

I've been looking for books on Indian science. Indian sciences aren't well-documented, so things like this are encouraging.

Kalyani said...

Thank you Rajeev for this post.

There is one Enfield Agro in Chennai(Adayar & certain select outlets)that sells only organic produce.Importantly,cold pressed organic coconut,gingelly and castor oil,rice,jaggery sans chemical additives,pulses etc.

Sandeep said...


Sorry to plug my blog in here but I don't have your email Id. Thought this pointer would be in context. "Impressing the Whites" is by Richard Crasta, a Mangalorean. You might want to read this: