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Quota of evangelical vituperation

mar 9th

'religion of love'.

the greatest 'lovers' are kerala's christists, like the mathews and thomases quoted below. and of course, for their pains as arch-bigots who should be tarred and feathered in any civilized society, they are given padma shrees! i believe mathew has a padma shree.

notice there are no references to eve having sex with her sons cain and abel, or to lot having sex with and impregnating his daughters. or to jesus' multiple foreskins. or to thomas' two skeletons, the one when he was young, and the other when he was old.

what a pathetic excuse for a 'religion' this violent semitic cult and its adherents are.

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Quota of evangelical vituperation
By Balbir K. Punj

AT a time the Muslim ummah was up in arms for cartoons on Prophet Mohammed published Jyellands-Posten in Denmark, Hindus seem to have swallowed a large quota of evangelical vituperation with minimal protests. Parliament condemned the cartoons, the editor of Senior India who had published them was arrested, and Muslim protest rallies were allowed to vent their ire on Hindu shops in Hyderabad and BJP office in Lucknow.

A minister of Uttar Pradesh government who announced contract-killing money of Rs 51 crore was left undisturbed in his constitutional office. The 'anxieties´ and 'concerns´ of Christian community in Dang, Gujarat over Shabri Kumbh got place in national media. But the outrage against scurrilous evangelical literature in Kota, Rajasthan virtually evaded nation´s notice.

Hakikat (The Reality), a substandard evangelical literature in Hindi, written by M.C. Mathew, and published by Dr. D.M. Thomas and Samuel Thomas of Emmanuel Literature Society, was source of major tension in Kota, Rajasthan recently. The book contains many vulgar references to Lord Ram and Krishna, Hindu saints like Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Satya Sai Baba, Ma Amritanandamayi, Digambar Jain saints, in addition to objectionable reference to Ganga, Vande Mataram, and Arya Samaj, ISKCON etc. The book is subtitled as an analytical study of 'Bunch of Thoughts´ by Guru Golwalkar.

On page 100 it comments about Sri Ram—"Ram´s wife Sita was been taken away. She was left in forest according to wish of Ram. Later Ram permitted Laxman to kill Sita. This Laxman was defeated in fight by Ram, and later Ram disgusted with his life drowned himself in Saryu. All this happened with advice, consent and religious belief of half-naked sadhus of Hindutva." Elsewhere in p. 269 it says: "In modern world many Ramas of this belief are living carefree. They marry several times, desert their wives, marry several times, and leave them. Many Ramas kill their Sitas. They are following their god Rama."

But pray, why Vatican is still clinging to dead Latin in its services? Why Ratzinger on becoming Pope, addressed the international crowd first in Latin, which nobody understands?

Did Sri Ram ever depute any one to kill Sita? Might be Mr. Mathew knows better than the author of Ramayana. We knew that Sita was left in Sage Vashishta´s cottage in sylvan forest. Sri Ram, felt that he was a king first, husband later, and when Ayodhya´s people had indirectly cast doubt over Sita´s chastity, she should be left, even to Sri Ram´s great agony. May be Sri Ram was overreacting, but he was more alive to people´s concern.

The divorce and profligacy rate is much higher in Western (Christian) countries. History records that Popes had illegitimate children. Can we attribute this to Jesus Christ, who as Dan Brown has found out was married to Mary Magdalene but left her? Neither Hinduism, nor Christianity, has divorce, but it is obtainable under secular law in India as in any western country. I don´t know if Ramayana has incited people to do single wicked act. Ramayana also elevated people´s consciousness. It is one book, which we are never tired of living. Father Kamil Bulke, of Belgium, spent his lifetime researching on Ramayana-literature.

In Gospel, according to St. Matthew (12:47-48) when a disciple of Jesus informs him that his mother and brother have come to meet him, Jesus says "Who is my mother, and who are my brethren´. In Western countries most parents end their life in old age homes, left by their children. One might then say, they owe their inspiration from Jesus, who refused to acknowledge his mother and brother, once he got popularity. Jesus himself has never said he was son of God, but always son of Man. To install Jesus as son of God was the work of First Council of Nicea held in 325 CE. But Hindus have never leveled such scurrilous charges against Jesus. Is this not enough to prove who is acting godly and who otherwise.



iamfordemocracy said...

This is such a sub-standard article. The author never seems to have learnt anything about presenting his point of view. Typical BJP stuff. I will try to explain why.

The facts are simple. In Kota, some evangelists are publishing derogatory literature about Hinduism. There is no need to debate what is there. Just prove that it is derogatory, that it offends Hindus, and that action be taken. Did the Muslims analyse cartoons? Did they discuss what was in the cartoon? NO NO NO. They simply protested and got dozens of governments and organizations on their knees.

Balbir Punj of BJP merely wants to show his erudition. He is trying to protest and debate at the same time. God knows when these people will learn something.

virat0 said...

This one I agree with lamefordemocracy, though I have regards for Balbir Punj and I would first typicalize few others, including the powerful marxists before spitting venom on the BJP. Balbir Punj is one of the few who has defended hindus since long.

The climate has been so vitiated that, anybody who wouldn't have arguments is thrashed by argumentative hindus themselves. Balbir just makes it equally offensive to other party, so that he would think twice before hurting.

Just prove that it is derogatory - How would and why would one prove it is derogatory, lame, one should just say it. If you say it is derogatory, there are tons of these secularists, who would say it is freedom of speech. You say the reverse, they would say hurting other's religious sentiments. This is a problem.

iamfordemocracy said...

There should absolutely be no problem in proving that the article is derogatory. The trick is not to look for definition, but to look for precedents. The UPA did protest the cartoons formally. They must have found something offensive in cartoons. Just begin there. Grill UPA people. Force them to comment on Kota publication. Use their comments to compare.

The trick is to be dumb, not to be clever about it. BJP is a bunch of people who like to look and seem nice. (sort of Jawahar Lal Nehru act-alikes) They are worried about being proven wrong. They are worried about contradicting something. THEY DONT CARE FOR HINDUS. Each of them cares for his own status and approval rating. I wonder whether BJP did (as opposed to talk/write) ANYTHING ever for HINDUS.

virat0 said...

Prabhu Sri Rama, the name is resplendent, it is blissful. Balbir shouldn't have quoted junk from these sinner's works, he should have exposed the sinners.

So I am not sure if it was about lack of definitions, or lack of Bhakti while writing the column. Any way part of the column is unacceptable to me.

Sri Rama.

Kalyani said...

"THEY DONT CARE FOR HINDUS. Each of them cares for his own status and approval rating. I wonder whether BJP did (as opposed to talk/write) ANYTHING ever for HINDUS".

Iamfordemocracy is absolutely right!

But I respect Balbir Punj.Pity is,sound counsel of people like Balbir Punj,Sandhya Jain,Maneka Gandhi,Vandana Shiva,Valmiki Thapar etc are never given any consideration.I wonder whether power hungry cancerous politicians really care!

Time and again,I have seen politicians(minusters)designating some area as *ecofragile*blahblah with one hand,and denotifying the same area at the behest of crooks,I mean,industrialists,with the other hand.

There is absolute lack of vision and synergy.This battalion is surely not destined to conquer the world!

Kalyani said...

Also, why are Hindus rushing forward with pathetic eagerness crying..."all muslims are not bad blahblah....many are......blahblah"??

Let them sort it out among themselves and answer the queries posed by their God,who they routinely engage in prayers,since 7th century.

virat0 said...

all muslims are not bad blahblah
Why would that be so important ? What if one among all is good ? How does it matter if all muslims are good, and just that ? This is a complex subject...

Kalyani said...


Read "Ab Ki Bhari Atal Bihari" by Varsha Bhosle!

She had prophetically summed it up much earlier!!

Non Carborundum said...

ViratO - all muslims aren't bad. It's the 99% that give the rest a bad name.

bodhi dharma said...

On CA textbook case...same news - diff viewpoints..who's correct?

Sage said...
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DarkStorm said...

Virat said:
>>If you say it is derogatory, there are tons of these secularists, who would say it is freedom of speech. You say the reverse, they would say hurting other's religious sentiments. This is a problem.


How true. This hypocrisy is never pointed out. Actually, India is a strange country. While we have more right minded people in the other countries of Europe, we have more liberals and seculars here. Its actually right minded balanced people who are in a minority in India. And our seculars and liberals actually show themselves to be in minority and think that they need to keep shouting to make themselves heard.

Kalyani said...

indians, who worry anxiously about the lot of the so called 'whatever m.....s',do your lachrymal glands dry up when Hindus perish in carnage after carnage?

Or, are they so weirdly, bizarrely constituted,that,they turn selectively lachrymose for only "certain sections of a particular community" who only "allegedly" have been atavistically ,routinely, unleashing carnage, macabre mayhem,genocide......???

The Sri Ramar,I am familiar with,has lot of Synonyms like Shivan,Jagannathan,Keshavan,LakshmiNrusimhan.....but CERTAINLY NOT *ahim which only "inner voices" could contrive.

Kalyani said...

Correction--"The Sri Ramar....has lots of..."

"Its actually right minded balanced people who are in a minority in India".

Right.I had written earlier,someone said "Many brains in India are in the drains".

DarkStorm is one of those rare exceptions,with his head and heart in the right place.Which is why I keep praying to God...may you confer long life,health,Peace and prosperity on only such people!

Vinayak said...


That was a nice post. It brought memories of India ... my country... merA Bharath. But India is chancing, changing very fast. Not just foreign jobs, but cultures are also flowing in !

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