Wednesday, March 29, 2006

nytimes: what ails young black men? (and young mohammedan men too)

mar 29th

the same question can be asked, what ails young mohammedan men?

why are they so violent, why do they create so many babies, why are they so predatory towards non-mohammedan women?

in the case of mohammedans, (unlike in the case of blacks) we know the answer to a  significant extent: because their mullahs tell them to. because it's in their book to do these things. because this is the way to capture territory through demographic warfare.

there is also the element of machismo. mohammedans want to intimidate through violence. however, correspondingly, they are also respectful of violence, so that if it is imposed on them, they act as rational economic beings: they behave. therefore it is not mindless violence, it is violence based on a strategy of keeping the other side off balance all the time. as has been said by the pakistanis, low-grade violence/rioting and terrorism is not an end, it is the condition of fear they wish to impose upon others as a means of psychological warfare to wear them down.

if mohammedans are sure they will lose, they become docile. this is why (apart from the little understanding between the chinese and the pakistani ISI) that the uighur mohammedans of east turkestan (sinkiang) are rather quiet despite harsh chinese repression.

in india, they think they can win through demographic, and real, warfare. they have done this for centuries, so why not into the future? incidentally, mohammedans in india have the best lives of any mohammedans in the world, because they are pampered by the state in all sorts of ways, and given preferential treatment that they dont get in mohammedan states or in the west. eg. name one country where mohammedans get hajj subsidies. answer: none other than india.

in chechnya and in palestine, they think they can win, this is why they are hyperactive. this is also why i believe they will not piss off the americans beyond a certain limit (the little understandings between the saudis and the bushies is also there). this is why i dont expect another serious terrorist attack on the us. because they know the americans will nuke mecca and medina. and it will damage mohammedanism beyond repair if their black cube is turned into a radioactive cinder.

deterrence apparently works; mohammedan youths are not irrational; they are doing what they do because they can get away with it.

black youth, on the other hand, have become a permanent underclass that no amount of handholding can save.

while the 'dalitstan' types will claim for sympathy generation purposes this is the case with SC/ST as well, that's not true, mostly because they are not visible minorities. an SC/ST person looks exactly the same as any other hindu, so there is no issue of casual racism.

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