Wednesday, March 08, 2006

marxist funding: not much different from the mafia, is it?

mar 8th

prostitution, extortion, gambling, smuggling -- all famous tactics of Al Capone and company.

that the marxists would be in this is no surprise.

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Thursday, March 9 2006 

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Madam�s death opens can of worms

Statesman News Service
DURGAPUR, March 8. � A bitter rivalry between two flesh trade rackets in the town resulted in the murder of an alleged madam in the City Centre locality last night. She was shot dead in her residence by a gang of three hired assailants. No one has so far been arrested but the crime has fuelled a political war of words. The murder of Kumkum Bhattacharya (44), alias Puja, caused sensation as it took place within 50 metres of the residence of Mr Biprendu Chakraborty, CPI-M candidate for the Durgapur (West) Assembly seat who is also MIC (Development), Durgapur Municipal Corporation.
The victim�s domestic, Ms Sonali Chakraborty, told police: �A youth known to didi had come in with two other people and they were chatting with her. She asked for drinks for them. I went to the kitchen and, within 15 minutes, heard a shot being fired. Then I saw the assailants leave the place on a bicycle.� Arabinda Das, said to have been romantically linked with the victim, was elsewhere when the tragedy occurred. Police put it down to hostilities between Puja and a woman from the Sodepur area of Asansol, Shiuli Sarkar, alias Tania. Tania, allegedly put up in a posh high-rise apartment in City Centre by the controller of a nursing home, was said previously to have been threatened with dire consequences by Puja who, according to police, flourished despite social disapproval.
Arrested many times, she always got away as she allegedly had influential clients who helped her buy land in a prime location and build her palatial residence. The Trinamul Congress has alleged that Puja used to be helped by the CPI-M, �which explained her prosperity�.
Mr Apurba Mukherjee, Durgapur�s Trinamul member of the Assembly alleged that her residence-cum-trade centre had been protected by Marxist leaders and leading municipal officials. Mr Chakraborty, the CPI-M candidate, said: �How she got the land is still a mystery. And it was the CPI-M�s Democratic Youth Federation which led several attempts to stop the flesh trade she was associated with. The other parties couldn�t care less.�





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