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Please tell everyone. Proves the standards of the lie-dump he runs, too.

Press Release
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BBC apologises and withdraws article against Kanchi Shankaracharya

Chennai ( Wednesday, March 8 , 2006 05:58:34 PM)
In response to protests from a group of devotees of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, the BBC has removed from its website an article by Mr. Vinod Mehta, the editor of Outlook magazine. Further, the BBC has paid out £4000 for the legal costs incurred to obtain this out-of-court settlement. These devotees came together on a web-based discussion forum,

The website article was the transcript of a talk given by Mr. Mehta on 28 January 2005 on BBC Radio 4 about the Sankararaman murder case. After months of protracted protests, the BBC Complaints Unit authorities adjudicated that the talk contained "serious errors" and inaccuracies on several counts. Mr. Mehta had wrongly asserted that the charge sheet contained several police accusations of personal misconduct by the Shankaracharya. The BBC has apologized for the errors and the delay in reporting them.

On a number of points Mr. Mehta's account ran counter to the findings of the Supreme Court of India, made public some three weeks before the BBC talk titled "A View from India."

Mr. Mehta had passed over the Supreme Court verdict in total silence.

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iamfordemocracy said...

Pound 4000 for such deplorable crime! Sometime back, you had run an article on the price of a Hindu life. Try doing a similar one on Hindu blasphemy. If the Jagadguru can be subjected to such blasphemy and the cost of a legal defeat is just 4000 pounds, what of a commoner?

How much money must STARNEWS must have made by showing the Jagadguru in bad light?

Kalyani said...

*british bathroom cleaners*---this sounds more like apotheosizing the ugliest featured (both within and without) brits.

Flies are attracted to and thrive on putrefying stuff.Is it any wonder bbc and v.mehtas and brinda karrots are all lassoed inextricably by shared desires?

Islamic terrorism is just the just dessert for the brits!

someone said...

OT: In todays' edition of Times Of India dated March 11 2006 saturday, there's a cartoon by Jug Suraiya and Ajit Ninan titled "Like that only". In it,there is a Indian map on the Television. In that, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is shown to be belonging to Pakistan instead of India. Rajeev, I'd like you look at today's TOI yourself and anyone who has TOI in the their house should take a look and decide to do something about it.

DarkStorm said...

hmm,, jug suraiya the pseudosecular at work... well, forget anything will happen, congress and TOI are secular friends. I came to know recently that TOI got a blog that commented on its working to shut down by threatening a lawsuit. So much for freedom of speech that they keep harping on. Ohh, did I forget something.. Yes, I did, freedom of speech applies to jehadis, not Indians.