Saturday, March 18, 2006

abu ghraib prisoner's tale a hoax

mar 18th

similarly the famed portrait of a mohammedan, one ansari, begging with folded hands for his life in gujarat during the riots.

that apparently was a posed fake, and i think he admitted it too. but he has become the poster boy of the 'seculars'.

the amount of lying done by the 'seculars' is astonishing. of course, all in a good cause: that of the sino-mohammedan axis.

the real photos of 59 incinerated hindu women and children in godhra were never shown at all. why, that would be 'communal'.

the real photos of the 7 hindus ambushed and sliced to death by mohammedans at maraad beach near calicut were also never shown.


iamfordemocracy said...

I don't understand this. You write "the real photos of 59 incinerated hindu women and children in godhra were never shown at all. ".

Who should show them?

Remember, for protests against the cartoons, someone bought/painted flags of Denmark. There is a party BJP) that says it looks after Hindu interests. There are dozens of ancillary organizations claiming to do that. Surely, BJP knows how to plant stories in media, paid or otherwise. Surely, these organizations know something about staging protests.

Do you really expect CPM or congress to take up the cause of Godhra victims? Tell us.

nizhal yoddha said...

'iamdemocracy' should rename himself as 'itsthebjpsfault'.

he has discovered the solution to all of india's problems: just blame the bjp, and everything will be all right.

i am reminded of something from a sherlock holmes story. holmes, feverish and delirious, asks watson if he has some change. he borrows the change and carefully puts half into his left pocket and half into his rick pocket. and then says "there, now. we have done our bit to balance the world". this is exactly what iamdemocracy does.

stop whining so much, and actually *d9* something, fellow!

in a previous post, he was instructing me on what i should do. i returned the favor and told him to go convince 10 people every week about how hindus are being screwed by the fascist-marxist-nehruvian stalinist combin. have you done that, iamdemocracy?

complacent, armchair critics and monday-morning quarterbacks there are in plenty. if he did anything more than sit on his butt and piss and moan i'd take him more seriously.

no, its not the bjp's fault, it's *your* fault.

it's your fault that you have not arranged for a boycott of the leftist media. it's your fault that you dont understand that there is such a thing as fairness in media which can be enforced by incensed citizenry.

xmatrix said...

Off topic..Charity in action

Brits got caught abusing young boys in India. Want to know wh0 runs the shelter? "William D'souza".

Sage said...

Good catch xmatrix, I posted that on my blog and some other related stories. Even though Indian media will ignore this story COMPLETELY, I couldn't help noticing how Hindu-Christians in India have been brainwashed and broughtup to believe that they are "Oreos" - brown on outside and white on inside and that they should fulfill their white masters' wishes.


Kalyani said...

:)):))I knEw it! When I started reading the first comment ,I KNew it was from iamfor....!

Well.,m.....s are sso admirably adhering to their ideological beliefs...Lie and KEEP on LYing....this way only,access to 'raisins' are ensured..btw, is that the reason they are also called "sultanas"??

Despite constraints around,look how Sri.Narendra Modi and Sri.Rajnath Singh are steering ahead.

Events are turning tumultuous around.,only good will come out of it in the long run.

Kalyani said...

One indianchristian called phelomena told me proudly:-
"You know.,we belong to the same caste as Bush & Blair..".

I said...."phelomena.,you are Phenomenal".

Thought I was complimenting her and grinned from ear to ear!

dumbledoor said...

iamfordemocracy said...

Rajeev and others, I asked two questions in my first comment. Who should show Godhra pictures? Do you really expect CPM/cong to take up the Hindu cause?

Instead of answering these questions, you are attacking me. That will not serve much purpose.

I suggest Congress and CPM do their politics in an efficient, competent, combative way, BJP doesn't.... If you don't agree, please tell me why. (no value judgements please. BJP may be a party of saints, and Congress of Shaitans. BJP won't be voted to power unless it convinces Majority to believe that and Majority does not believe that at the moment).

rangesh said...

dear rajeev
plz substantiate your claim that ansari lied regarding that riots photo.....its important for me tu know that for it is that photo which made me hate the sangh plz prove ur point rather than trying to establish ur thesis as facts by repeated assertions like those lousy marxists

Kalyani said...

Rangeshes out there,

Let the onus of proving or disproving fall on ansaris,madanis, bukharis etc.What kind of bizarre flagellation is this?

Sensible people learn from their mistakes and move forward with mellowed and calibrated wisdom.They don't protract rerewinding and licking their wounds and embracing "shaitans" too...all the while!

Continuing to pour venom on newly emerging BJP (and I hope VHP too has a substantial say in matters)is like cutting one's nose to spite one's face!!

Kalyani said...

Also read the following patiently.It is an excellent writeup:-


"After every terrorist attack in India be it the attack on the Parliament, the Delhi blasts on Diwali, the Akshardham attack, the Bangalore IIT blast, the Varanasi blast, our Secularists are even more convinced that Islam means ‘peace’. (As if terrorist blasts by Islamists are a sign of the peaceful nature of Islam!) After every Islamic attack the Secularist din of ‘good Islam’ and ‘peaceful Muslims’ increases.

After every Islamic attack on Hindu shrines all TV news channels and newspapers show how really peaceful are Muslims and how genuinely are they trying to live in harmony with Hindus. The greater is the frequency of attacks, the greater is their belief that Islam and Muslims are peaceful. Why is that so?

It is a general perception that terrorism does not help the cause of terrorists but backfires on their cause by mobilizing the general public opinion against them and their case.

But this is not true about Islamic terrorism. We form prejudices according to our social environment and gradually start treating these prejudices as our opinions. And humans tend to defend their opinions life long. Rational behavior is special to the intellectual race of humans. Rationality does not have a great appeal to masses. In masses faith replaces rationality. Gradually opinions become imperceptible with our ego, and there are no bounds up to which a human being can go to defend his ego. The environment in which the post-Independence India and post-World War II world is living is such in which the criticism of Islam is prohibited to the extent that it has become a taboo. Criticizing Islam is politically incorrect, and in a feudalist mock-democracy such as India being politically incorrect is to pay a heavy social price. So the two post-Independence generations have only got a goody-goody image of Islam. This prejudiced image has become their opinion, and this opinion is what they defend when they professedly say that Islam means peace.

So every terrorist attack is accompanied by a renovated and reasserted faith in the goodness of Islam and its peaceful nature. The greater is the frequency of the terrorist attacks the greater is our faith in Islam’s goodness.

So when Muslims protest the publication of the caricatures of Prophet in the Danish violently all over the world we become convinced of the grievances of Muslims and the insulting treatment accorded to Islam in West. And when UP Hajj Minister Haji Yaqoob Khan declares a prize of 51 crore to the Muslim who beheads the Danish cartoonist, we do not become disenchanted of Muslims and their methods of protest, but become even more convinced of their grievances.

From the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley, to the attack on Parliament and the J&K Assembly, from Akshardham to Varanasi, from Delhi blasts to the Bangalore IIT campus blast, from the attack on Diwali to attack on Holi, we have become increasingly convinced that Islam means peace, and that forgiving these terrorists will one day reap peace for us.

Islamic terrorists are increasingly choosing Hindu temples and festivals and we are increasingly becoming convinced that it is not a concerted effort to destroy Hinduism but a random terrorist attack by some misguided youth.

The more situations compel us to come out in open and confront our enemy the more we recoil into our cozy homes. Terrorists need an aim and we want to shrug it. They have got it in Islamic terrorism and we have lost it in individualism. They want war and we want peace. (They are of course getting war but where are we getting peace?) After so many differences there is one similarity. Terrorists want War in pieces; we also want peace in pieces. We will continue to shrug our responsibility progressively from humanity to nation, from nation to family, from family to ourselves and Islam will continue to conquer its enemies nation by nation, state by state, and individual by individual until at last we will stand alone helplessly against the ever powerful Islam.

This terrorism has nothing new in it. It is the same old belief of the 7th century Arabia. In the words of Ali Sina again,

Fourteen hundred years later, the world is again facing the same feisty, vicious and unrelenting Islam. Islam has come back. Islamic terrorism is the same Islam brought by Muhammad. It is the same belief, the same fanaticism, the same fierceness and the same mindless savagery. The policies are the same, the only thing that is changed are the tactics. Today’s Jihadis are far more deadly than their ancestors, who were merely a bunch of savages wielding their swords and shouting Allahu-Akbar from their horseback. Our military might and sophisticated warfare are powerless in front of a handful of technologically savvy terrorists.

From Mecca to Varanasi, Islam has been terrorizing the non-Muslim world using terrorism as a tool of intimidation and submission. The conquest of Arabia, the exploits of Hashimid Caliphate, the ravages of Fatimid Caliphate, the great raids of Chengez Khan, the terror age of Moorish Spain, the oppression of Balkans under the Ottoman Caliphate, the medieval Dark Age in India, the annihilation of Buddhism from Central Asia and Indonesia, the ethnic cleansing of Armenians and Greeks from Turkey and Crete in 1921, the Moplah riots of 1921, the Direct Action of Jinnah, the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, the terrorist attack at American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1996, the 1994 terrorist at World trade center, 9/11, 3/11 Madrid, 7/7 London, assassination of Van Gogh, French Civil War, Australian riots, beheadings of non-Muslims in Iraq, terrorist attack in Bali, attack on India Parliament and J&K Assembly and on Akshardham, Mumbai blasts, Delhi blasts, Bangalore blasts, the attack on Varanasi – these all are not isolated events but episodes of a terrorist chain whose aim is to Islamize the world. If we do not see the history of terrorism in its reality then the day is not far when Islam will be victorious in its designs".

Prabhat Varun

Kalyani said...

iamfordemocracy KNows and admits kaangress and cpm are anti Hindu.He also "suggests" they "do their politics in an efficient, competent, combative way"!

Meaning they can hone their anti Hindu stance with impunity....he has no problems with that and he also claims he is for democracy....LOL...

I am sure masses with such mulish knee jerk reactions must have voted for kaangress!

Non Carborundum said...


I think the BJP / RSS is the only hope Hindus have got.

There are two kinds of attack mounted on the BJP:-

1. The BJP is bad since it is 'communal' and acts only in the interests of Hindus.

2. The BJP is bad since it does not do much as it should for Hindus.

The latter is a more cleverly disguised
approach isn't it?

One malafide intention - two approaches.

The BJP could do more for Hindus though even if half of the Hindu Electorate voted for them, because in the end that is what democracy is and you're for it.

iamfordemocracy said...

Non Carb, 80% of voters and just one party!! The rest of the parties fighting for the 20% of the pie. Must have been much easier for BJP than it appears to be.

BJP could do 'more' for Hindus!! If only they did something. (For one example, give the control of temple back to Hindus.) Has BJP done anything for Hindus? List a few things please.

Non Carborundum said...

Demos Cratos,

BJP has within its limitations(seats in parliament) always acted in National Interest.

They have been perhaps the only party to raise issues like the sheer numbers of Bangladeshi Muslims entering the country.

They have been the only party to raise objections against the proposed counting of minorities(muslims) in the armed forces.

And I'll tell you one thing they didn't do - put Shankaracharya in Jail.

You put the Congress,CPM and the BJP in the same plane.

Rather than ridiculing the BJP, it would be better if you came up with some constructive plan. The BJP's all that Hindus have got at the moment and the only option is to empower it more so that it would not be dependent on treacherous alliances which essentially force a dilution of the Hindutva stance.

Kalyani said...

Non Carborundum is right.

Important question is ,after assuming power,would the Hindu representatives act decisively like Sri.Shivaji or dilly dally hankering for that elusive "peace" like Yudhistrar?

The evil minded are ALWAYS consistently focussed.It is the unsure,fence sitters who vacillate and by their inactions pave the way for the former to 'succeed' in their *mission*.

Lack of solidarity.

Erroneous interpretation of Hinduism.In Dharmayuddham there is no place for "ahimsa":))

Hindus have debilitated themselves so woefully,converting themselves into "VIOLENT PACIFISTS".

Do we have it in us to metamorphose into *Smiling Shivajis*??

DarkStorm said...

I am for democracy,
you are right in a way, but blaming BJP wont help.

1. When you say 80% voters and one party, things should be easy for BJP, its wrong. We are hopelessly divided. We dont go out and vote as Hindus , we vote as Shudras and Brahmins. We vote as Gujjus, marwaris, bengalis, etc. Why the hell dont we vote as Hindus. And congress cpm are more than happy to keep us divided on caste and language.

2. BJP isnt really media savvy, I must say. They really need to have some articulate and sensible people there. Not many invite Arun Jaitly to their TV interviews, ;-) they know he can screw them with his words even on a bad hair day. They need to penetrate the media.

3. That crying jehadi thing was blown out of proportion. That picture of that cheap poster boy. I had seen the pictures of the burnt bodies lying around carelessly besides the train, and I swear I almost puked. I could not eat for two days.

Kalyani said...

If nitish kumar's offer of *amnesty* is the way bjp would behave with antisocials and criminals etc,should it come to power,I am afraid,Iamfor democracy's scepticism is not unfounded.

Kalyani said...

Posting in full from The Pioneer(20/3/06):-

"All these years, anarchy seemed to complement the State of Bihar. Despite a change of guard, chaos rules supreme. But Nitish Kumar's four-month-young rule may prove to be a far cry from Lalu Prasad Yadav's feudal demesne. The Chief Minister with a snowy mane and moustache has now resolved for a farewell to arms. Consider Santa distributing hampers in the hood for criminals to give up their pet aversion - crime. Get the picture?

As part of his offer to the infamous criminals of Bihar, the new Nitish Kumar Government has come out with an idea to pay Rs 10,000 instantly and Rs 3,000 per month to those who surrender with their firearms. Besides, two children of such obliging criminals would be imparted education up to matriculation level free of cost.

"This would be done under the State Government's rehabilitation policy towards surrendered criminals. And, the rehabilitation package would be worth Rs two lakh out of which 25 per cent would be Government aid while the rest 75 per cent would be an easy loan to them", said Additional Director General of Police (Headquarters), Abhayanand to The Pioneer.

Not only this, there is much more to this outgoing spring offer of the Nitish Government to the honourable criminals at large. Those who do not have his piece of land, would even be provided houses under Indira Awas Yojna as part of the rehabilitation package, said the ADGP.

The dreaded criminals would also have not to fear about their security, post surrender as keeping their security in mind the State Government would rehabilitate them in places of their choice only.

The complete package exclusively meant for the surrendering dreaded brethren of the State criminal fraternity also includes free legal aid for those who wish to become a law-abiding citizens. Apart from all this, it has also been decided to set up special courts, if required, for quick disposal of pending cases against the surrendered criminals in various courts of the State.

And interestingly, every weapon has its own distinct price tag from the Government to pay for as it has offered to pay Rs 25, 000 for rocket launchers, LMGs and sky pack rifles, Rs 15,000 for AK-47, AK-58 and AK-74 assault rifles whereas Rs 3,000 would be given for pistols, revolvers and .303 rifles.

But wouldn't there be rush for being a criminal, ensure some cases lodged against themselves, have some weapons and then surrender amongst the staggering band of unemployed youths of the State?

Significantly, there is no need to panic about for the concerned citizens of the State as "for this, the Government has instituted a screening committee at the district level comprising the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police and a representative of the CID to identify the veracity of the criminals. The formed committee would decide who should be considered for the rehabilitation under the surrender policy", said Abhayanand.

For the time being, it is gala time for the Bihar criminals to rush home with the Government's complete bonanza offer. Soon they might be seen or heard exchanging "happy surrender" among themselves, believes the Nitish Government".

EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

I said...."phelomena.,you are Phenomenal".>>

Kalyani ji, ROTFLMAO, its gr8!

All these converts-neo or otherwise--do exhibit some kinda 'superiority' complex regarding Hindus or Hinduism.

And u know what, this kinda thing is not limited to these Xtians converts only, u can find it while interacting with the followers of other religions too.

Someone I know narrated this incident 2 me:

The guy was @ the home of a Sikh family--where he alongwith others were watchin Rajesh Khanna's old movie 'Anurodh' (early 70s) and if u have watched it, u'll remember that one of the characters-poet played by late Vinod Mehra is suffering 4m some kinda serious ailment and is staying with his Sikh friend and his wife--played by Asrani and late Sh Ashok Kumar's daughter Preeti (forgot her last name)--when his (Vinod's) Ma--played by late Smt Nirupa Roy--goes 2 pray 4 the well-being of her son, before the portrait of Guru Nanak in other room, and in the scene the portrait had a 'tikka' on Guru Nanak's forehead, and suddenly the Sikh lady of the house (the family my aquaintance was with) comes down heavy on the film maker as 2 why r they showing 'tikka' on Guru Nanak's forehead as we (meaning Sikhism) doesn't permit this kinda thing--and my friend is quite taken aback by this kinda outburst and felt really uncomfortable watching the rest of the movie. It was as if some kinda blasphemy had been committed by the film-maker (co-incidentally a very good one indeed--Sh Shakti Samanta)!

Also, as Hindus keep on chanting the mantra that Sikhs are like brothers 2 Hindus, well unfortunatley the other side doesn't think along the same lines.

Remember, in the 80s when terrorism in Punjab was at its peak, the Hindus were chanting the same mantra and then people like that old geezer, Gandi-Nehru dynasty boot-licker,peddler of porn and boozer 2 boot Khushwant Singh (I m not sure if he is still around--he must be around 90 now) had come down heavily on this idea and had strongly maintained that Sikhs always had a separate identity and Sikhism was in no way, related to Hinduism.

Well, 2 guys like Khushwant Singh my retort: if u want 2 maintain ur separate identity, so b it.

Why the Hindus have 2 beg or literally fall on their knees is totally outta my mind.

Also, regarding 84 riots--what happened in Delhi and other places is a shame and a blot on Indian history, the talk is about compensation 4 the Sikh victims. My thought, sure they should be compensated there r no 2 ways about it, but hey just give a thought 2 all those innocent victims--Hindus or Sikhs--whom the terrorist assassinated in cold blood (in Punjab & elsewhere), what about compensation 4 them?

All the while the masterminds--like Wassan Singh Jaffarwal--of all these terrorist activities were enjoying the hospitality of ISI and the Pak govt. and the terrorists who did the 'ground-work' use 2 flee 2 western nations like UK (Southall), Canada (Vancouver), or even US (Fresno CA) and then in these countries their rich financial backers like Dr Gurmeet Singh Aulakh (in US) or the self-styled President or PM of Khalistan Jagat Jit Singh Chauhan (in UK) use 2 have the govt of these nations pass resolutions condemning India 4 committing 'atrocities' on its Sikh minority.

Much water has flown under the bridge, and now these same nations r coming 2 India 2 learn counter insurgency techniques (eg agencies 4m other nations training at Counter Insurgency and Warfare school in Mizoram), makes me smirk--the shoe is on the other foot I guess now or is it they suffer 4m some kind of amnesia--no idea!!!!

Regarding Jagat Jit Sigh Chauhan, if u recall a couple of years back he came 2 India, since his entry was banned by the Indian Govt, the guy had 2 literally beg to be allowed entry, after Akali leader Prakash Singh Badal, who happens 2 b a good friend of A B Vajpayee, pleaded on his behalf with the govt and then only after Chauhan had given his undertaking reaffirming his faith (???) in the sovereignity of India and its constitution was he allowed 2 enter India. Once the guy lands in India, he mouths something like 'We r gonna work towards Khalistaan within the farmework of Indian constitution'--all a face-saving measure--4m those people 2 whom the likes of Chauhan had taken 4 a ride (up the garden path) and a 'hogwash' 2 an acute political observer!

Kalyani said...


You have an indisputable point......."all those innocent victims--Hindus or Sikhs--whom the terrorist assassinated in cold blood (in Punjab & elsewhere), what about compensation 4 them"?

Regarding Hindus' penchant for grovelling,well.,I too don't understand.