Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kerala Muslim anger at Girl"s classical dance

mar 15th

let us remember that it is the forefathers of these 'liberal' mohammedans of kerala who went on a rampage in 1921 during the moplah rebellion, killing, raping, and forcibly converting 10,000 hindus. that is how malappuram district became mohammedan majority.

the mohammedans of kerala were originally the creations of tipu sultan's jihad, wherein he sliced throuhg malabar forcibly converting tens of thousands.

naturally, that makes tipu sultan a national hero according to the 'seculars'.

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From: Ragh
Muslim girl dances social divide
By John Mary in Malappuram, Kerala

Rubiya has danced from the age of three (Pics: Ali Kovoor)
The family of a young Muslim girl in India's southern state of Kerala say they are being shunned by the local mosque committee (mahallu) because she is practising Indian classical dance.
VP Rubiya, 16, came first in Bharatnatyam, Kerala natanam and folk dance competitions at the recent Kerala School Festival.
She also won the dance competition at the Veeran Haji Memorial Higher Secondary School at Morayur in the Muslim-dominated district of Malappuram.
It was Rubiya's 27 points that helped her home district move up from seventh to fifth position at the state school festival.
Now she has an offer from the celebrated Indian dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai's dance academy, Darpana, her father Syed Alavikutty says.
The local mosque committee at Valluvambram, however, is not impressed by Rubiya's feats, says her father, a clerk with a travel agency.
"If she had won prizes in 'oppana' and 'mappila pattu' [traditional Muslim art forms], she would have been flooded with gifts by now. The mahallu leaders would never openly admit that it is her dance that makes them treat us as virtual outcasts," says Mr Alavikutty.
Rubiya, who started learning music and dance when she was three, is busy preparing for school examinations due next month. But she snatches time in between for stage performances at local temples.
Rubiya was three years old when she began dancing

She has no choice because stage shows help her with some extra income to support her and her parents, as well as an elder brother and a younger sister.
"My fee ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rupees ($22 to $66). I have performed at more than 50 temples," says Rubiya.
She has been fortunate to be trained by dance gurus like RLV Anand, who has never taken a rupee from her other than what she offers as gifts.
Both he and Bharatanjali Sasi, Rubiya's Kerala natanam dance teacher, even buy her costumes for her competitions.
"I'm confident that she will bring us laurels. That's all we need," says Mr Anand, extolling the virtues of the rare find from a community that still fights shy of classical dances.
Teachers' favourite
Rubiya is the darling of her teachers and friends at the Veeran Haji high school.
"God is one. When I pay ritualistic obeisance through mudras [hand signs], I am imploring not just the Hindu gods but the supreme creator, which we call by different names," she says.
It is the Hindu worship content in the classical dances that her family says has driven a chasm between her and conservative elements in the community.
KP Raihemath, a teacher who takes her to competitions, says there is nothing un-Islamic in Bharatnatyam dance.
Rubiya with her parents
Rubiya's parents have encouraged her to dance
"If she were my own daughter, I would still do the same."
Another teacher CP Sheena says Rubiya is a role model for her peers.
A class topper and a National Cadet Corps cadet, Rubiya has already scored 30 bonus marks which would enhance her exam scores and improve her chances of joining a professional course after secondary school.
At the moment, however, a professional degree is not what she wants to do.
"I will practice and excel as a classical dancer. My ambition is to do research in dance and contribute to society in my humble way," she says.
Membership of a particular mosque committee for Muslim families depends on where they live.
"If you are not a mahallu member, the kazi [priest] will not bless your child's marriage. Worse, you are even denied a slot in the local cemetery," said Mr Alavikutty, who has also dabbled in acting with a troupe in Kerala.
'Heavy price'
Rubiya's mother Amina says she does not regret sending her daughter to dance.
"But we had to pay a heavy price. I have even survived a bout of cancer only after well-wishers sent us money for treatment. But the parish leaders ensured that all official help bypassed us," she says, wiping her tears.
Rubiya in NCC cadet uniform
Rubiya has become a role model in school
"If I die today, where will my husband bury me? Would the parish endorse my daughter's marriage?"
Mohammed Unni Haji, secretary of the Valluvambram mosque committee, denies they are against Rubiya's dancing.
"We do not object to her artistic persuasions. If Rubiya and her family, living in a rented house, shift to a house on the road under our jurisdiction, we will admit them."
Local politician Nalakathu Asain says the mosque committee leaders are not speaking the truth.
"This talk about jurisdiction is an alibi. There are several families outside the Valluvambram jurisdiction that enjoy mahallu membership," he says.
Mr Alavikutty says that his cousins who live outside Valluvambram are members of the mosque committee.
But the family is not deterred by this.
"The parish doors might never open for us, but the world is not too small for the brave," he says.

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Prince said...

Hi Yeah

Appreciate your efforts to post that.

But what i never understand is everything a muslim boy or girl do, it is news.

There are hindus and christians in large numbers in this country. Whatever they do never get attention based on religious grounds.

Here a muslim girls goes to NCC, classical dances etc you decided to make it a news.

Everyone today knows sania's life history -- what about Leander Paes's?

Everyone have heard how Irfan Pathan prays -- Has any one heard how Sreesanth does it?

Kalyani said...

shahnaz hussain has built an empire, thanks to Ayurvedam.

jesudas prospers, thanks to Carnatic music.

about filmworld, nothing needs to be said.

khan clan are defaulters amounting to several lakhs (theft of electricity in Karnataka)in their running of Ayurvedic Spa.

muslim and christian girls and boys would extract maximum benefit from accommodative Hindu culture in all walks of life.As it is *secular*!

But when battlelines are drawn,they are quite clear in their minds about who they support.
They are modern day dhritarashtrans and gandharis.

No amount of talent gathering can ensnare Dharmam!

saras said...

You can't compare Rubaiya's case with Sania's or Paes'. Here is a girl, who is doing what she loves to do much against the wishes of her community leaders, who are treating her family as outcasts. That calls for lot of grit and determination especially from a poor Muslim girl; not an everyday phenomenon.

People like Sania or the Khans, who have made it big in their respective areas need not bother about what their communities think of them because they couldn't care less. They can afford to go against their community. But the case of Rubaiya is different. Think about it from the human angle. She is fortunate that she is living in a truly secular country; secular because of Hinduism.

Ragz said...

On a different note, see how after initial hesitation, Banarjee's report is being justified.


Not only this report says that the fire was an accident, but the State was involved in it. Disgusting.

Kalyani said...

I had a m neighbour from Mumbai...no,not burkhaed but bobbed hair,jean clad,literate, who was giddily euphoric about having an IIT m husband too!

She was all polite and dainty when she wanted to learn rasam,idli and uppuma making.Had absolutely no hiccups while feasting on dishes prepared by me.Her lip smackings were followed by fulsome praises too!

I am not cataloguing the umpteen more instances of help or favours that she got from me.As I don't thumb thro' scriptures and shillyshally while being friendly or neighbourly.

With her characteristic egregious nonchalance,she told me one *unfine* day:-

"I don't know how you people can like your God....your Ganapathi is so ugh...potbellied....the sight of people like you with Vibhuthi and kumkum fills me with revulsion......I am being frank with you.........."

Kalyani said...

I am tempted to narrate similar first hand encounters with indian christian neighbours,friends and acquaintances too.

They are very much the same.

Hindus who rush forward as their apologists too are so trite and same same. Rather nervous,I feel, about losing their unseen,nevertheless,believed to be reserved seats in 'Swargam'(Heaven up above:))

indianpatriot said...

Glorification of Tipu unfortunately is not limited to Marxist historians. Late BJP leader K.R.Malkani eulogized Tipu and cleared Doordarshan serial The sword of Tipu Sultan. However the people of Mysore hated him. The common saying was that anybody who picked up the sword are doomed. It so happenned that Sanjay Khan's Studio which was shooting the serial had a big fire and serial shooting had to be suspended for indefinite period.
Probably Marathas joined with British to fight Tipu to prevent Islamization of Kerala and entire coastral and interior Karnataka to fight Mysore wars. To see how prosperous southern India during late 18th century goto CNN web site Millenium 18th century. Click on multimedia link India expansion.

To secular historians Tipu's father Hyder Ali was another hero. However the region where I studied Engineering (Davanger) Hyder Ali was a religious Bigot who was fought by a brave woman Onake Obavva (Wife of Madakari Nayaka).
Nayakas were one of Palegars of Vijayanagar empire.
Please read Onake Obavvas story in the following link.

Kalyani said...

I have read , that Hindu killer's 'sword' is engraved with virulent, anti Hindu, smite- smite message.

DarkStorm said...

"I don't know how you people can like your God....your Ganapathi is so ugh...potbellied....the sight of people like you with Vibhuthi and kumkum fills me with revulsion......I am being frank with you.........."

You should have told that bloody jehadi in straight words -- Does your mohamed know if his fathers wife is also his sister or not. Who knows. Also, I wonder if mohamed is so handsome.. fashionable.. LOL.. He too was ugly with a ugly turban filled with bombs and an ugly beard.

He actually looked like those Danish cartoons. Ahh the truth hurts.

DarkStorm said...

the sight of people like you with Vibhuthi and kumkum fills me with revulsion---

the sight of a jehadi itself fills me with revulsion. the sight of green rags hanging from those ugly buildings they call mosques. also the sight of their peacock feathers and foul smells of their sick stuff they burn, irritating to the nose and eyes..
Agarbattis smell good atleast.

Kalyani said...


Absolutely.Bitter truth being,I honestly had no idea about m mindset.Close first hand encounters cleared all illusions about them.I made a bonfire of all my school text books.My late brother gave me a priceless advice:-

"Never let school or any institution interfere with your education".

When I saw her, menacingly wielding cleaver and heard much more revelatory *talks*,I was "enlightened".I am not typing all,as I don't want to clog this blogosphere.

The twain shall never meet.Thank God for that!

My ire is a tad more for hindus,a whole bunch of them who have this die hard fatal desire to "coexist" with them.

Seriously,what is wrong with hindus?

Arun said...

You will be the rolimodel of young muslim girls who wants to be a dancer.