Sunday, March 19, 2006

End of civilization - interesting perspective

mar 19th

an american comes up with some strange theories, although some of them make sense.

america is in serious decline, no question about that.

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Thought you might find this interesting


Kalyani said...

Good one Rajeev.

As the saying goes, *fools* seldom differ.Permit me to repost my comments posted in your blog on 12/7/2005 :-

"Oil is completely a part of life and oil is running out.The problem of transportation is the worst of all.The amount of oil conserved by solar power is infinitesimally small and
does not even make a dent to the global usage of oil.

To run on biofuel,it was said,the entire continent of Africa,would have to be planted down to each square inch
with biofuels,just to equal current oil usage!

Every ecosyatem has a maximum limit; when exceeded,it will coast along,without any sign of impending doom for a while,then..population will crash.In case of animals by starvation and predation.In case of humans by war, fighting over resources and predation indirectly by competition. People are in denial,but rules of biology never change. Famine and genocide are caused by humans on humans.

Solar power certainly is very ideal and many are doing it to save fuel costs for themselves.Nevertheless,it is like
taking out a drop of water from the flush tank and saying "I am conserving water".

Our entire lifestyle needs to be changed.The more we abstain,the more we gain.Population is speeding towards huge decimation,I feel".

Krishnan Narayan said...

What a piece of crap. "Earth has finite resources" indeed! The earth is a continuously evolving organism that humanity has not yet even begun to comprehend, a single major volcanic eruption creates more pollution than several generations of all of humanity can with their piddly cars, trucks and power plants. In fact, survival of the human species is always an issue. You can assign cause and effect however you want, ie claim that humans are destroying earth and therefore our survival is at stake, but what if our survival is at stake anyway because the earth is regenerating in ways that humanity cannot control? Maybe the cause and effect is really reversed?

We can pant and yearn for the caveman days of yore, but guess what, it aint gonna happen. Evolution has devised its own laws and maybe we should try and figure out what these are for our own survival

someone said...

Krishnan Narayan:
"Global warming is not our fault, it's the earth" is an argument put forward by Americans who can't control their urge to burn more fuel. Don't believe it. Global warming is happening and it's our fault.

Kalyani said...

One is lamenting the bestial mindset and erosion of ethical values among many and NOT "panting or yearning for caveman days..."Lol..

In fact,molten lava is incredibly rich in minerals and actually paves the way for soil fertility.

Aadithya Hrudayam*,extols Sun as the Ceaselessly Working "Nithya AgniHothri", detoxifying and regenerating everything around.Which was exactly what was reported as "findings" by WorldWatch Institute.

No one literally means "end of mankind or civilization".Rather heavy weeding in the form of more disasters....