Thursday, March 23, 2006

Press Release: Protest BUSH-SHIVA Caricature at NY Times publication

mar 23rd

nyt wont publish the danish cartoons

but no problem publishing cartoons offensive to hindus.

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Subject: Press Release: Protest BUSH-SHIVA Caricature at NY Times publication

Press Release: Protest BUSH-SHIVA Caricature at NY Times publication

Release at IndiaCause

IndiaCause strongly protests the insensitive publication of the BUSH-SHIVA Caricature in the World's Daily Newspaper published by The New York Times, on March 03, 2006.

IndiaCause has launched a campaign to protest this Caricature on behalf of the Global Indian community. As in the other campaigns, the Indian community will be generating thousands of e-letters to protest this 'BUSHIVA' cartoon.

For a Detailed summary of the campaign, Please follow the HTML link at:

Our past successes include:

1. Microsoft removes "Disputed" from J&K
2. Apology from World's #1 Men's Magazine, for Gandhi Cartoon
3. Apology from 'Toronto Star' for 'Nude' Durga
4. Apology from American Eagle for Ganesha Slippers
5. Kanchan Mishra Rescued, Bihar Gangster Arrested.
6. FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K
7. CNN withdraws India Map without J&K
8. PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda
9. Chicago Radio Host apologizes over anti-India Talk
10. Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn
      and many more.......

List of Successful efforts at IndiaCause:

Media Coverage:

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Mahendra Joshi

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san said...

Another passing of an era - a famous 250-yr old tortoise is now dead:

Poor fella.

xmatrix said...

Trying again to get some comments on this topic:
Mig crashes under Kangrassi rule. Now Rayykeyysh Omprakash can make L*nd de basanti II and advocate shooting of current defense minister. As rajeev mentioned, everything is BJP's fault. Jai Sonia Mata.

nIlagrIva said...

Why should we start behaving like fundie muslims in protesting against unintentioned teeny weeny incidents? When you say muslims, I can understand because the brainwashed lot doesn't think and they protest against whatever their maulvi tells them to. I am not for Muslims - please note. We should oppose their (as well as anybody else's) mindless opposition to almost everything. But as Hindus, we have had our deities caricatured to no end in numerous prahasanas of yore and even now Ganesha is a favorite Deity of cartoonists. Ganesha and His mouse are presented in all sorts of hilarious things. If you show Ganesha falling when trying to sit on His mouse, you simply don't go protesting to the newspaper's office just because some idiots burnt up offices because they thought they got offended because of their "prophet's" cartoon. None of these cartoons have caused any less devotion in me towards Ganesha.

Deities on toilet seats is bad; deities on lingerie is bad; even deities on cigarettes is bad (no, that is not correct - we do have Ganesh Beedies that are very popular). But you need to draw a line somewhere and not start protesting at the drop of a hat.

From these incidents, it looks like we've unfortunately become the enemy we hate.

nIlagrIva said...

In my previous comment, I shouldn't have I am not for Muslims. I should have said - I am not for fundamentalist Islamism and its followers.

daisies said...

you know, it's like this, it's
ok if you make fun of someone
in your family at home, but how
much would you like if if someone
outside made fun, especially with
no reciprocal tolerance ? that's
where the hurt comes from...

personally, i feel the cartoonist
is trying to convey what he feels
about bush and the n-deal. he is
not making fun of shiva. he is
simply using the tandava image of
siva to convey his opinion about
the n-deal.

such cartooning is fine, as long
as reciprocity is tolerated.

would nyt show jesus with a bunch
of dollars in one hand and bible
in the other, in order to depict
proselytisation ? and what would
outside reaction be if someone in
india used such a cartoon for the
same...? has it ever been done in
usa or india or anywhere...?

rather than wait to find out, we
can be proactive and protest.

then all religions will learn to
treat others with respect.

and art will learn to leave religion alone.

let each religion use their own
symbols for cartooning, not use
somebody else's symbols...


DarkStorm said...

Hmm... nice thoughts Daisies. But I still think that you cannot be respectful of other religions if they are not respectful towards you.

BTW, those Danish cartoons were really funny.. And a bitter truth. There was a connection. Profit Mohamed was actually a nomadic bandit running after virgins and used religion to motivate his army to loot rich Arab cities of that time. And moslems are actually proud of such criminal behaviour.

How is Bush connected to Lord Shiva.

I agree this one isnt really that offensive, but they shouldnt have compared Bush with Lord Shiva. Not that I am showing disrespect to any of them. Can you compare any normal human being with Lord Krishna or Mata Durga.

DarkStorm said...

xmatrix,, LMAO.. haha..

I havent seen **** de basanti but I read the reviews, so I get the idea. A bunch of hooligan college students drooling over a firang babe. Get serious when their friend is killed in a MiG crash. Kill the def min. Haha.. LOL.

Anyway, to be frank, the MiGs crashing saga started before BJP came to power and went out of power. Damn.. they are late 70s planes, why the hell are the flying them now. And for training pilots !!??? Are they crazy.

A new masala movie idea. A bunch of dumb discotheque going kids. A friend of theirs is a trainee pilot. Dies in a training sortie in a MiG. Instructor survives miraculously. Kill instructor. Go to Russia. Kill the owner of MiG. Kill the owner of the factory that made the tyres of the MiG. Kill the parachute maker... blah blah..