Friday, March 17, 2006

Red Terror: India under siege from within

mar 17th

chinese enclaves in india, just as in nepal.

the maoists destroy all civic structures, then step into the vacuum. just like they did in cambodia. and then they claim they are the only civic structure.

so india is going to be divided into various 'stans': a 'christist-stan' in the northeast. a mohammedanstan around bangladesh and in up. a maoist-stan in the tribal heartland. christist and mohammedan-stans in kerala. christist-stans in tamil nadu and andhra.

where will the hindus go? convert, flee, or die. pretty grim future.

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Red Terror: India under siege from within

VK Shashikumar
Courtesy CNN-IBN
Posted Thursday , March 16, 2006 at 20:13
Updated Friday , March 17, 2006 at 08:04
Bastar (Chhattisgarh): The Maoist insurgents in India have intensified their armed movement in what they call the Compact Revolutionary Zone or the Red Corridor.
Inside this Red Corridor, set up in the tribal forest lands of Central India and stretching from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh, the Maoists run a parallel government called the Janatana Sarkar.
Red Terror: India under
siege from within
Video Part I
Video Part II

The Janatana Sarkar runs in the so-called Dandakaranya Liberated Zone - a region which is completely under Maoist control.
CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team went to this region for a spot-check on how the Indian government has lost its control over an area almost twice as big as the state of Kerala.
The Janatana Sarkar runs its writ in this belt. The Maoists have propaganda films, showing well-armed rebels of People's Guerilla Army on the march to fight the Indian security forces.
Powered by the Maoists, the tribals of Dandakaranya now have a voice - the voice of their guns.
If the naxals call for a public meeting, hundreds of tribals would respond to it. They would trek kilometres through the forest, complete with food and other provisions.
Deep inside Chhattisgarh, the CNN-IBN team attended one such meeting, where local leaders of the Maoist Janatana Sarkar addressed a gathering.
On the ground, tribal leaders like Sannu are the face of the parallel Maoist government.
He paints the Janatana Sarkar on a red cloth, even as local Adivasis help and watch. The Maoist government, says Sannu, now controls every aspect their lives.
"Our 'sarkar' gets people to work in cooperatives, to dig wells and irrigation tanks. Things like ploughing the land, sowing seeds and harvesting are also done by cooperatives. All this will liberate the area from the Indian Government," claims Sannu, president of the Revolutionary People's Committee of Dandakaranya.
The Janatana Sarkar today controls a vast tract of land, stretching from Gadchiroli in Maharashthra to the Abuz Mad and Bastar districts in Chhattisgarh.
The Maoist writ runs over an area of 92,000-sq kilometre, an area twice the size of Kerala.
Ganesh Uyike, one of the five division secretaries in the so-called Dandakaranya Special Zone, was instrumental in the setting up of this special zone.
"It is not yet a liberated zone. But we will achieve it. Just 25 of us came here. But now, there are thousands in our ranks. We ended the exploitation of forest officials, patwaris and other government forces. We are working towards a People's Government," claims Ganesh.
As one travels through this Naxal heartland, it is impossible to miss the sickle and hammer.
This flag that flutters in the Dandakaranya Special Zone is the official Maoist banner, not the Indian tricolour.
While the absence of the 'tricoloor' is symbolic, the fact is, the writ of the Government of India does not run in the Dandakaranya Special Zone.
So much so that the Maoists have a constitutional roadmap called the 'Janatana Sarkar Policy Programme', with which they intend to replace the Government of India in Dandakaranya.
The Maoist strategy starts with children. Tribal children are encouraged to imitate Maoist guerilla tactics even in their games.
Police-Maoist encounter is a popular game among the children here. One set of children walk into a 'Maoist territory' posing as police patrol, and another group attacks them. And as the surprised policemen stumble and fall, they are shot ruthlessly.
When their Maoist role models come visiting, the children line up to shake hands with the squad leader.
Not surprisingly, the upper age limit to join the People's Guerilla Army is just 16 years. And children, like Laxman, are willing to join their ranks.
"I will join the PGA, and fight against the police," says Laxman.
While the Maoists say that they have stepped in to fill a vacuum of governance, tribal Congress leader Mahendra Karma argues that the Maoists systematically destroyed the government institutions using terror, and then imposed themselves on the tribals.
"They had also built their pressure. And in areas where government control was not strong enough, they occupied such areas and crippled the development efforts of the government. They make the socio-economic setup collapse and set up a parallel network of their own," explains Mahendra Karma, an Adivasi leader of the Congress party.
But the Maoists disagree. They say guerilla warfare was not needed to establish their rule in Dandakaranya.
"The aim is to make Dandakaranya a liberated zone. Given the uneven development in India, we have identified areas that we want to liberate. So, Dandakaranya is part of that plan," says Ganesh Uyike, a division secretary of the Dandakaranya Special Zone.
One of the steps taken by the Maoists was to stop the exploitation of the tribals by petty government and village officials.
"Forest rangers and patwaries used to harass us. They used to impose fines for everything - for cutting firewood, for grazing the livestock, everything. They used to collect Rs 2 for cows and Re 1 for oxen. They even fined us if we brought twigs from the forest to fence our plantations," says tribal.
"We have fought the government for our rights over the forest. So, we also take the responsibility to protect it. Whoever wants to cut trees for agriculture or firewood or to make a house must take permission from the jungle committee," says Sannu, president of the Revolutionary People's Committee of Dandakaranya.
The Maoists have mobilised the tribals around a range of grievances - real and invented.
And the idea of a Janatana Sarkar or the people's government is central to this strategy.
The strategy works like this: First they would exploit the complete absence of the government, and then they would convince the Adivasis through the Janatana Sarkar that the Indian State is not concerned about their welfare.
Amid the claims and counter-claims, what is clear is the fact that the Maoist-run Janatana Sarkar has definitely added a new dimension to the violent image of the Naxal movement in the country.
From Bihar to Andhra Pradesh, the Naxals or the Maoists are one party. They have an armed force, which is lethal as seen in Jehanabad.
And the Maoists organised under the Janatana Sarkar have shown that they can govern as well.
Now, what remains to be seen is how the Government of India responds to this challenge posed by the Maoists.
(With Vanaja in Bastar)
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EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

This is pretty serious...the govt. seems to be totally out-of-sync with the reality or is it that it has resigned itself to the fact that fight against these Maoists would be an exercise in futile.

Rajeev, with what u said about India being divided under all kinda stans, it does seem a reality--a stark one at that. The Govt. it seems has proved to be so pusillanimous that no wonder these guys seem 2 b havin a field-day and if this thing keeps going on, I guess what the Westerners having been 'smugly' counting on for decades--Balkanisation of India--would seem to be a eal possibility!

virat0 said...

Why the govt would be out of sync ? They know all.The govt has been installed so that Arjun SIngh would be the HRD minister with such support from secularists, and they have to act accordingly for their jobs. The secularists were some history and sociologists to begin with, and there has been more oppurtinities, they work collectively to mislead and put pressure, all in some return. It is an enterprise.

Look at this enterprise atleast. They may have more power , more money one day, but it is okay to watch them atleast than turning blind to this aspect.

Kalyani said...

Well.,it IS bleak.

Nevertheless,didn't the Chinese,(who based on certain columnists' reports,have abandoned marxism)some time back,offered to "take care" of the marxists of India:))

Also,they don't subscribe to appeasement of the perennially appeasement craving, sabre rattling brutes, oops ,brood.

Hindus,dispossessed,with their hands tied behind their backs cannot handle their enemies.I feel,perhaps,the Very Divinity that shapes our ends is shaping our middles too!

Rajeev & others,let us not feel demoralised.

Sri.Kanchi Paramacharya says,in this Kaliyugam,honourable disposal of any/all unclaimed dead body(ies), tantamounts to *ASHWAMEDHA YAGAM*.

Our BSF personnel were tortured,killed and sent as carcasses tied to bamboo poles by beggardeshis.Ditto with paki and many countries around.So Many of Our People have perished unsung and abandoned and unmourned!!(To Hell with some traitor pm who allegedly shed some tears(sic)on hearing...."Mere watan ki logon...").

Ponder over this fact.Our Indian Army has always acted honourably with our RABid adversaries' carcasses(spurned by their very own pakis..etc:))).

Our very Inspiration Sri Rama,after slaying Ravanan,ensured that the Rites followed honourably....and we know it all.

I am not dwelling AT ALL on the vital,ceaseless,silently potent role played by Our Vedic Brahmins and their Anushtanams for the well being of the entire World.

Can we ever write off (Hindus filled) Bharatha Desam??? As IndianPatriot had posted a writeup recently,the entire world is there for the Dharmeek!!!

EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

>>Our BSF personnel were tortured,killed and sent as carcasses tied to bamboo poles by beggardeshis...

Kalyani ji, the fact of the matter is till the time we (Indian leadership) start showing some spine and dare 2 call a spade-a-spade, we might as well reconcile ourselves to be trampled on mercilessly.

Why? 'cozb u don't demand respect, u command respect--by ur attitude, by ur behavior & more so by ur actions, if all those loft words coming outta ur mouth (current as well as past crop of Indian leadership constantly whining about the external destabilsing forces and so on..)--if u don't follow them with concrete actions, nobody is gonna believe u 4 a moment and once ur credibility goes down the toilet, its next 2 impossible 2 restore it, and with the kinda policies India has practiced since that nincompoop moron Jokerlal Nehru ascended the PM post, we have been a laughing stock of the world which had had no qualms in treating us as a doormat.

Unless and until we start giving these forces (internal as well as extenal) a befitting reply and start exerting our influence esp. in the Indian subcontinent, we will continue to be blindsided by the nefarious designs of the enemies (as well as so-called 'friends') of India.

But, hey, who am I talking 2--those morons who have their heads buried so deep into their posterior that they seem to have no clue as 2 whats going around (esp. when u r enconscened in big bungalows in Delhi funded by the taxpayer's hardened money and under a 24/7 security cover--esp. if its black cat--it sure raises ur status) and who at the first sign of trouble will surrender without a whimper of protest! and then can escape 2 more safe foreign locales with all their ill-gotten money stashed away in Swiss bank A/Cs!

Also, the avg Indian has become so passive that it takes all these day-2-day occurences with a resigned mentality (and I should add this 2 with quite a dignity).

Ah....sigh! if only Indian leadership starts growing some spine and get proactive in defending India, but then, if wishes were horses beggars would ride and guess what--ultimately in life u get what u deserve!

someone said...

We have a full-scale communist revolution going on in India and the population is blissfully unaware. Bravo.