Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vinod Mehta 's lies removed from BBC webpage

mar 23rd

one small victory for truth and for the activism of concerned, dedicated people.

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From: Anu
Date: Mar 20, 2006 12:59 AM
Subject: Vinod Mehta 's lies removed from BBC webpage

Dear Rajeev Srinivasan,

I am writing this mail to bring to your attention a piece of news, which for us is a first taste of victory against the propaganda of a marxist-Vinod mehta, the editor of outlook. Please read the article on

It was a fight fought by a small group of people from various corners of the world who came together on a forum (kanchiforum). We would be glad if you can put the link on your blog. Any other form of publicity to bring awareness among reader is well appreciated.
With best regards,

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virat0 said...

Well done Anu, It is good to know that the rouges in BBC agreed to pay some litigation costs.

DarkStorm said...

Rajeev, I wonder if they will now ask you to write articles for Outlook, now that you have posted a mail calling Vinod mehta's bluff. Outlook does carry some pics of some beautiful chics. Eeks.. no, bird flu... Stay away from chics. And Outlook does seem to enjoy such misfortunes on India such as bird flu, etc (another example, they actually called Kargil intruders as freedom fighters, and too much weightage to arundhati roys ramblings. ahhh, arundhati roy is a real dumb chic (ok sorry, not a chic, but a real ugly old woman), I must say. She seems to have mad cow disease rather than bird flu).

DarkStorm said...

By the way, Rajeev, did you notice that most of these pseudo-secularist pseudo-liberal women are ugly and might be suffering from low self esteem. They must be the butt of jokes in their college (if they ever attended college). So they vent their anger this way. I think they should be admitted to mental hospitals.

For example, arundhati roy, deepa mehta, sonia gandhi, teesta setalvad, etc are all ugly. Well, if one carries all that calumny and illwill against people inside, it ultimately shows up on the face.

san said...

Sonia Resigns from Lok Sabha seat:

Hopefully good candidates will stand up to run against her.

san said...

Damn, I really wish we had the Daily Show with John Stewart for Indian politics too. I think there's enough material to base an entire network channel on, never mind just one show. Maybe somebody needs to start up a Comedy Network in India.