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Madani and India's secularists

mar 23

balbir punj, i am shocked! how could you call madani a terrorist? he is just a poor misunderstood mohammedan who is discriminated against by the ruling hindus in india. so he had to protest the ayodhya affair by killing lots of people, he had no choice.

let us note in passing that ezhava shrines are attacked and vandalized quite often, and nobody pays any attention to that. it's the ezhavas' own fault: it was shown that some mohammedans were going around doing this, hoping it would lead to conflict between christists and hindus, yet ezhavas didn't do anything about it. ezhavas need to abandon the marxists en masse and adopt the bjp. this will lead to a cooling of the enthusiasm of kerala politicians to suck up to mohammedans. now the marxists take the ezhava vote for granted, and are quite happy when ezhava shrines to sri narayana guru are vandalized regularly.

but *one* disused mohammedan shrine built on top of a hindu shrine, and that is such a grave sin! it served its rhetorical purpose for 10 years, and now the rhetorical thing to beat hindus with is 'gujarat'. in case you didnt know it, as soon as the 'secular' person shouts "gujarat", hindus are supposed to grovel and cry "we are terrible people and deserve to be wiped out by mohammedans".

the kerala assembly actions go to show: there are no hindus in kerala any more, only 33% mohammedans, 33% christists, and 33% marxists. 1% hindus who are being wiped out. note the statistic that 92% of the people committing suicide in kerala are hindus. and probably 100% of the wealth in kerala is in the hands of the christists, mohammedans and the very enterprising marxists who own a huge commercial empire.

note the number 59. 59 killed in coimbatore by madani and the ISI, 59 burnt alive in godhra.

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From: Ram

Madani and India's secularists

Balbir K Punj

At around 10 in the night of September 8, 2005, an act of comic terrorism took place in Ernakulam, Kerala. A Tamil Nadu State Corporation bus running on inter-State route was boarded by five men armed with handguns and knives. They were raising slogans for the release of a dreaded terrorist from Kerala lodged in a jail in Tamil Nadu. Panic-stricken passengers were forced out before the hijackers doused the vehicle with petrol and set it aflame. But even this surreal night could not have prepare us for the ultimate surprise that came on March 15 last.

The Kerala Assembly, meeting at a special session on Holi, passed a unanimous resolution calling for setting free the same Islamist extremist on parole. We are speaking about Abdul Nasser Madani, the alleged mastermind of serial blasts in Coimbatore on February 14, 1998, in which 58 people lost their lives.

In recent past, we have seen how anti-Mohammad cartoons or anti-Bush rallies by Muslims degenerated into anti-Hindu assaults. More shocking was how the special session of Kerala Assembly convened to discuss Kerala's dispute with Tamil Nadu over Mullaperriyar dam degenerated into an appeal for freeing Madani on parole.

The resolution moved by Water Resources Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan urged the Union Government to "intervene on humanitarian grounds in case of Madani, languishing under trial in Coimbatore Central Jail for last seven years".

In Kerala Assembly, where the BJP's has no presence, it found unanimous support from all 'secularists' - the Congress and the Left. The members of 'most-secularly named party', the Indian Union Muslim League, part of ruling dispensation at Centre and State, were not to be missed either.

In this pre-election season 'secularists' are prepared to evoke the name of Osama bin Laden if it translates into few more Muslim votes. Remember how Mr Ram Vilas Paswan campaigned with an Osama bin-Laden look-alike during the Bihar election, and who was later hired by Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav?

This is not the first instance when Madani's release has been demanded on "humanitarian grounds". It might be shocking to learn that all major political parties, barring the BJP, had asked for the release of Madani in past. Accroding to another report, when President Abdul Kalam visited Kerala last year more than 100 out of 142 Kerala MLAs signed a joint petition to that effect.

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy had taken up the issue with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Persistent demands came from minority (read Muslims) rights group, and "human rights" groups who had asked for Madani's release. Such "secular" demands are the privilege of the likes of Madani and SAR Geelani, not Manjit Singh (as Sarabjit Singh is known as in Pakistan caught in a case of mistaken identity) who has been awarded the death sentence by a Pakistan High Court. It seems Madani is an illustrious son of Kerala! Let us see his credentials.

Abdul Madani, who hails from Kollam district, formed the radical outfit Islamic Sewak Sangh (ISS) in 1990 to capitalise upon Muslim opposition to Ram Janmabhoomi movement. He delivered many communally impassioned speeches, which also landed him in a soup. He disbanded ISS a day before several Hindu and Muslim outfits were banned, by the PV Narasimha Rao Government after the demolition.

But soon he floated the PDP before losing his one leg in a bomb blast. The Coimbatore blasts were attributed to Al Ummah, Muslim fundamentalist organisation that has its base in Kottaimedu, a predominantly Muslim area in Coimbatore. Then the investigations of Tamil Nadu's special investigation team revealed the alleged role of Madani.

The police suspected that during the 1990s, Madani aided by Pakistan's ISI, built a network of Islamic militants in south India. The intelligence agencies claim that they have conclusive proof that Madani arranged training of several Al Ummah operatives in Pakistan.

The prime target of the deadly blasts in Coimbatore was actually Mr LK Advani. Mr Advani's tight schedule delayed his arrival in Coimbatore, which led to his providential escape. Some bomb devices, like the one abandoned car laden with 70-kg of explosives, at East Lokmanya Street near RS Puram, where his rally was schedule, failed to explode.

The Dark memories of the Coimbatore serial blasts, Islam's Valentine Day gift, was revived in public memory after Islam's Diwali and Holi gifts as serial blasts in Delhi and Varanasi respectively. But the Kerala Assembly has surpassed even Islamists with its "election season appeasement gift" to Muslims by calling for the release of Madani, Kerala's Taimur Lang.

The demand for Madani's release, unfortunately reported by a narrow section of the media, has already become a 'secular' embarrassment. A highly popular 'secular' national daily pointed out in its editorial that Madani's reputation as an extremist preceded Coimbatore case, and he has been known for inflammatory speeches and communal statements.

The editorial further observed, "Had the Assembly claimed that Madani was innocent and wrongly incarcerated, it would have been understandable. But calling for the parole of a person charged with terrorism is nothing but crass opportunism and amounts to - however leery we may be about the term - minority appeasement."

It was in the same vein that Andhra Pradesh Assembly, where Congress has a sweeping majority, passed a resolution condemning Jyllands-Posten cartoons on Prophet Mohammad. But for a BJP suggestion that MF Husain's vulgar portrayal of Bharat Mata be also condemned, was turned down. The UPA Government had also bypassed Bharat Mata issue in Parliament, but for dogged resistance of BJP members, while condemning the cartoons.

The UPA Government and its allies displayed utter insensitivity to Mother India. Now, within a month, it has gone to the extent of espousing the cause of a terrorist who stained her apparel with blood. To cope up with this errant brand of secularism, the UPA Government might one day well impose Sharia'h! Indeed, this appears to be the logical conclusion of events that secularism can precipitate but can't control.

Mr Ram Vilas Paswan, trounced in the Bihar election, had promised a Muslim Chief Minister although he had no suitable candidate for the post in his party. Now the CPI(M) in Kerala is projecting a Muslim face for Chief Minister, Mr Paloli Mohammed Kutty, the even when his well-wishers do not credit him with such a profile. If anything is providing a check to it, it is the fear of alienating the numerically strong Ezhava community.

Yet such false bravado of secularists will, nonetheless, still fail to impress the Muslims. No wonder Syed Ahmed Bukhari has called upon Muslims from all political parties to come under one umbrella in order to consolidate their voting power so that they can have greater bargaining power. According to Bukhari, it is malicious to link Muslims with the Varanasi bomb blasts, and Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav is a liar when he says that the person gunned down in Lucknow was a terrorist. He gives no credit to Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav for providing general security of life and property to Muslims in Bihar, as it is the duty of any government.

As to looting of Hindu shops in Hyderabad and Lucknow by Muslim mobs, Mr Yadav is purposefully silent. He does not lash out at Muslims for violence in Lucknow and Hyderabad, but he compliments Hindus for maintaining calm in Varanasi. This proves, although not for the first time, that although secularism might have a weakness for Islam, the reverse is not true.

The Islamist consolidation will become an albatross, round the neck of Indian secularists. At that time it will have no option other than to fall back on the Hindu majority, whose pluralistic ethos has guaranteed that India remains a pluralist democracy.

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bodhi dharma said...

it's true marxist 'converted' ezhavas need to re-embrace hinduism to save kerala from the rot. the problem is majority of ezhavas have been brainwahsed even before they know about Guru and his disciples. some uneducated souls even think guru was preaching marx's theories! especially in northern kerala districts. if they follow the teachings of guru - organize, get educated and grow - then they'll never ever go to death-cults like marxists. anyway now ezhavas are under a better leadership, hope they align with nairs and save kerala from the real sex-maniac terrorists who rule the state.