Sunday, March 26, 2006

Filmmaker finds purpose in teaching about Hindu culture and religion

mar 26th

good for vinod kumar.

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From: Ragh

Filmmaker finds purpose in teaching about Hindu culture and religion


Kaunteya said...

Has the awareness about India increased in US? Not sure. Probably the IT/Tech crowd knows of India. But what of average american?

Funnily i recived this mail from our my Company's corp letting me know of the Indian culture. I am visiting India on a business trip next month and here's what i am told of India :-)

Business and Cultural Information

General Cultural Tips

Travelers must obtain an alcohol consumption license to drink alcohol in certain Indian states. Licenses can be obtained for free at the airport.
Remove shoes before entering an Indian home.

It is considered impolite to point with your finger, to whistle and to position your feet in the direction of another person.

Always use your right hand to accept or pass food. Never offer another person food from your plate.

Because the cow is considered sacred, Hindus do not eat beef.
Gifts should not be opened in the presence of the giver.

Business Cultural Tips

Men shake hands upon meeting and when departing. Western businesswomen should not initiate handshaking with Indian men.

The traditional greeting, known as the namaste, may be appropriate when a handshake is not. Do this by putting your palms together, bow slightly and say "namaste". (This means "I salute the godlike qualities within you".)

It is advisable to be punctual to appointments. However, your Indian counterpart may be late. Indian executives prefer late morning or early afternoon appointments.

Always address Indians by their professional titles or by Mr., Mrs., Miss. Do not use their first names unless invited to do so.

Hospitality, such as tea and small talk is a part of conducting business.
Men should wear a suit and tie. (Jackets may be removed in the summer.) Women should wear conservative dresses or suits.

DarkStorm said...

Haha.. LOL.. Kaunteya. That one was funny.

Wonder if we can come up with a list for Indians visiting US. I dont have much idea so I cannot write much on this.

Kaunteya said...

Oh yea.. infact we have... when i came to US for the first time , [then i was working for an Indian co]... my company provided me with a similar list.. infact much more comprehensive than this... that was funny too...

i don't remember all of it.. but some were like... always carry mouthfreshner since indian food is very spicy etc.. or the concept of freeways and parkways and then.. also two negatives in a statement do not become a positive .. "i don't know nothing"... sort of...

DarkStorm said...


I think we must add these.

Carry a Bible in the southern states.

In the deserts of Utah, polygamy is allowed.

Shave off your beard, if you are dark skinned or you may be shot by some drunk illiterate American with a shotgun who sees Osama Bin Laden everywhere.

If you are light-skinned, you might be mistaken for a Latino.

Dont say you are a programmer. Some unemployed programmer there might shoot you.

More additions....