Friday, March 10, 2006

Bomb explodes at Indonesian Hindu Temple

mar 10th

more from the religion of peace.

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Poso, Indonesia - A homemade bomb exploded early on
Friday outside a Hindu temple on an Indonesian island
that has been plagued by religious violence, wounding
a man who was guarding the compound, police said.

The blast on the outskirts of Poso, a coastal town on
Sulawesi island, was caused by a low-intensity bomb
that was placed in the home of the temple's guard,
said Poso deputy police chief, Major Andreas Wayan.

The device detonated when the 40-year-old man, Nengah
Sugiarta, opened the door, causing the roof and wooden
walls to collapse, he said.

"Whoever did this wanted to create panic and spread
terror here in Poso," Wayan said, adding that police
found black powder, nails, shrapnel and a battery at
the scene indicating the bomb was homemade.

Hundreds of onlookers gathered around the temple after
the blast, which seriously wounded Sugiarta, riddling
his legs and waist with shrapnel and wood. The Hindu
man, who has been the temple's guard for 15 years, was
taken to a nearby hospital.

About 3 000 security personnel have been deployed to
safeguard Poso since last year people dead - saw a
resurgence of violence.

Most of the victims in the latest attacks, including
bombings and beheadings, have been Christians.

Wayan said it was too early to say who was behind
Friday's attack - the first to target Hindus in Poso,
a city 1 600km north-east of Jakarta.

Though nearly 90 percent of Indonesia's 210 million
people are Muslim, Poso's population has an almost
equal number of Christians and there are also a small
number of Hindus, most of whom arrived from the island
of Bali in the last three decades.

The government moved thousands of Hindus to Sulawesi
and other islands after the 1963 eruption of the Agung
volcano, one of the world's largest of the 20th
century, devastated dozens of villages on the
mountainside in eastern Bali. - Sapa-AP

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iamfordemocracy said...

Put yourself in the shoes of a young muslim. You hear about Iraq invasion, you see the guantanamo bay pictures, you hear that Godhra was an accident and that the later eruption in Gujarat was a pogrom. What would you think?

No, this is not a justification of terror... This is just to impress upon readers that a 'ZERO TOLERANCE' policy about communal propaganda must be followed in India. Further, we must see to it that other nations don't portray our news in wrong perspective. The intelligent people amongst us owe it to common Hindus all over the world.

As a first step in that direction, will some body/party bring justice Banerjee to books for his outrageous conclusions?

Ragz said...


I agree with you but not totally. Communal propaganda should be countered, but for the followers of 'religion of peace' no provacation is needed. They are 'like that only'.

Kalyani said...

Exactly Ragz!They are ever busy plotting and bombing...ah yes... that is their style of praying and scooting above!

Kalyani said...

"...Whoever did this wanted to create panic and spread
terror here in Poso.."

What a fatuously banal response!*CErtain* 'people'in our own country too come up with pricelessly banal ones like".....Hindus are being security for Hindus...whatishappening tch.tch.....

Reminds me of the "Vegetarian Chilli" that makes Gwyneth explode with rage in 'PROOF'!!