Monday, March 27, 2006

see what eating chinese food does to your IQ? :-)

mar 27th

and i have always had such a high opinion of fidelity! if this is the way they do their stock picks as well, no wonder some of their funds are sucking wind.


Those spare ribs are sticky. Maybe I should leave it in the car. ... If my employer were reckless enough to permit me to load the personal information of nearly 200,000 people onto a laptop and foolish enough to allow me to take it off campus for a business meeting, I'd like to think I'd do my damndest to safeguard it. I'd like to think that I would put the security of that information above all things, including my craving for Peking Duck. And if I were unable to do that, I'd like to think that I would at least keep the laptop with me when I popped into a Chinese restaurant to satisfy that craving. But that's just me.  And hey, I don't work for Fidelity Investments. According to authorities, the Fidelity laptop containing the retirement information of 196,000 current and former Hewlett-Packard workers was stolen from a rented SUV parked outside a Chinese restaurant a few miles from HP's Palo Alto headquarters . Unbelievable. Well, at least it wasn't left on an unencrypted CD forgotten in airline seat pocket (see "The McAfee data? It's in my CD wallet between 'Zeppelin III' and 'Physical Graffiti' ").

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