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subramaniam swamy on sacrifice vol 2

mar 24th

not that i am a fan of subramaniam swamy, but he makes a valid point. someone sent this to me, sorry no url.


Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President and former Union Law Minister on March 24,2006

Now that the fake sacrifice drama--II of Ms. Sonia Gandhi is over [it is fake since Ms. Gandhi would have had to resign her MP seat anyway and hence it is no sacrifice], it is time to realize that Ms. Gandhi cannot contest any Parliament election until she resigns from the Chairpersonship of five more offices of profit including that of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

 Ms. Gandhi's lack of sincere commitment to her Congress Party is also obvious since by resigning she has made it morally obligatory for the 35 plus Congress MPs also similiarly subject to disqualification from Parliament membership, to resign or alternatively make out that Ms. Gandhi has no party support. Ms. Gandhi as President of the Congress Party ought to have consulted the CWC, instead of her novice children, before rushing to the press.
         Ms. Sonia Gandhi has a history of panic reactions in face of challenges to her. In March 1977, after the Janata Party was voted to power, Ms. Gandhi took her two then young children and rushed to the Italian Embassy to hide, thus abandoning her mother-in-law, the defeated Mrs.Indira Gandhi. Thereafter Prime Minister Morarji Desai had to intervene to pacify a distraught Indira and re-unite the family. In April 1999, after the NDA government was toppled by one vote in the Lok Sabha , Ms. Sonia Gandhi rushed to the President of India to stake a claim without a mandate from the coalition of parties that had brought the NDA down, and blandly declared that 272 MPs of the Lok Sabha supported her. She was apprehensive that someone else may become PM. The media-managed sacrifice-I of declining the PM's post in May 2004 was also a panic reaction after it became clear that she suffered a disqualification under the Citizenship Act.

It is better therefore Ms. Gandhi quits politics altogether now. A leader given to a fit of panic reactions is unfit to lead.


EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

>>In April 1999, after the NDA government was toppled by one vote in the Lok Sabha , Ms. Sonia Gandhi rushed to the President of India to stake a claim without a mandate from the coalition of parties that had brought the NDA down...

The above mentioned incident was a precursor 2 all the drama unfolding now. The Italian Barmaid (IB) rushed in with her list of '272' (Thoo Seventhy Thoo :)) 2 the Rashtrapati Bhavan and at the pen-ultimate moment Mulayam Singh balked @ the idea of supporting her (who else?) 4 the PM's post, when he the most worthy of all (all these 'worthies'--Sonia, Mulayam, Sharad Pawar, Jyoti Basu et al all have been bestowed with the 'divine' right 2 rule India someday--although Jyoti by turning down the offer in '96 committed a 'historic blunder'--in his own words-- which he has been, methink, repenting since) was there 4 everyone 2 consider... and the series of events since then have demonstrated that the IB neither (never) forgets nor forgive--Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned (or is it with no-offense indeed 2 the fairer-sex posting on this forum or generally 4 that matter that the female of the species is always deadlier than the male!)--and Mulayam Singh, alongwith his companions Amar Singh, Jaya Bachchan has been a target of vendetta unleashed by the lady 4m the land of Mafia (forgiveness is an alien word 2 the Mafia brood) and urs truly is seriously ashamed at the timidity and lack of spine of the entire executive and judicial branch of Indian govt. and also 2 being a mute spectator 2 the humiliation dished out to Jaya by rendering her RS membership annulled...v Indians sure lack imagination and thinking 2 form a common front against an (invading) enemy (external or internal)--the whole past millennia has been a witness 2 this lack of unity and common front (esp. Hindus) to stand 4 ur rights (I agree there were exceptions 2 this rule--Maharana Pratap, Shivaji or Guru Gobind Singh or 4 a brief period during India's struggle 4 independence), when all along the Bachchan family has refused 2 b drawn into a confrontation with the all-powerful Gandhi family....2 the point where, IMHO, one of the gr8est cultural Indian icons--Big B--stating the obvious (that they meaning the Gandhis r the 'Raja' while Bachchans r like the 'Praja'), and v Indians have allowed this 2 go, m I not proud of being a 'Bhartiya' when someone 4m my family is being insulted at every given opportunity and what I do is remain a mute spectator---I m forgetting that if I don't stand 4 my own, nobody else will... and also IB's tiff with the Bachchans has its genesis, methink, in Priyanka and Shweta (Big B's daughter) marriages. The IB has been nursing a grudge against the Bachchans (4m her own inferiority complex which the docile and the boot-licking Indian ELM is ever-ready 2 project as somekinda holier-than-thou attitude) as they got their daughter into an influential and cultured family of Nandas (of course its also another advantage that Shweta's Ma-in-law Ritu happens to come 4m the first family of Indian cinema--the Kapoors) and look what the IB's dear daughter hitched her bandwagon 2 (that 2 while partying in the discotheques of Delhi) some poor soul 4m the backwaters of Moradabad (in UP)--the Wadras (the anglecized version of Vadehras--zamindaars 4m the Sibdh region of (Na)pakistan (land of the unpure :-)))... one more reason why the Bachchans were, if I m not wrong, not even invited 2 Priyanka's marriage...

>>It is better therefore Ms. Gandhi quits politics altogether now.

All this nautanki regarding the 'supreme-sacrifice' (???) by the IB does have a sense of deja-vu...with all the Congi bootlickers as well as their media counterparts haranguing and raising a lotta hue-n-cry about how the 'Bahu' has been 'humiliated' and how she has maintained her 'dignity'(BS) and retained a moral-high ground vis-a-vis the machinations of the opposition--all crap and hogwash, IMHO.

BTW, the Congi sychopants r really a bunh of turds who have no qulams in showing that deep inside the only thing they r capable of is mental servitude (of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty) and nothing else and they will even hold the country 2 ransom 2 display this (gutter-level) attitude.

Sometimes I wonder as 2 if IB someday decide 2 spit out phlegm (mucus drool) the Congis might lap it up as somekinda 'prasad' or if the bootlickers r asked 2 sit outside 10 Janpath with leashes around their necks (which also makes me do a double take as 2 whether they have any--due 2 the lack of spine in their forms), they'll start howling or barking... but 2 tell u the truth they all would be like 'mutts' (street dog, unlike a Doberman, or German sheperd 4 that matter...) Also, the kind of sycophancy @ display if they had shown the same kinda attitude towards the development or well-being of India, India would have been a global power long back...

But these morons will never understand this--they have the IB Blinders on their eyes and as they say in Hindi:Sawan ke andhee ko hara hi hara nazar aataa hai (roughly like one wants to only c what one desires...), theres no use talking sense in2 them.

>>It is better therefore Ms. Gandhi quits politics altogether now. A leader given to a fit of panic reactions is unfit to lead.

Just a wishful thinking, I fear, I sincerely doubt that this is ever goona happen in our lifetimes that v ever r gonna c the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty confined 2 the dustbin of history---going by the track record of the gullible Indian masses this will also just remain an unfullfilled desire on my as well as numerous fellow Indians...

Cacoethes said...

Here is a URL: (Indian Express) for Swamy's statement.
The Congress party's own Web site discloses that Sonia "Gandhi" is holding at least five Offices of Profit other than NAC-Chairperson. See: -- "Smt. Sonia Gandhi - Profile"

san said...

I'm left sputtering every time I hear the media call Sonia's cynical act a "master stroke". To see her being labelled a Florence Nightingale or Eva Peron makes me roll my eyes in exasperation.

"master stroke"??? Was Nixon's resignation in the wake of a corruption scandal a "master stroke"?? Sonia's only real master stroke is that every time she belches or passes wind, an army of sycophants appears to declare it a "master stroke" or Nobel prize-winning material. If she resigns 100 times, she faces no risk in regaining re-election in an electoral district that has long been bought and paid for. She can resign every week and get re-elected in Rae Bareily with 100% certainty. There's no sacrifice in that. Likewise, when her party won an anti-incumbency vote against BJP, she ducked out of the Prime Ministership because she got cold feet. When I see the media in a daze over this chicanery, then I think they're the ones who've suffered a "master stroke" -- even worse than Ariel Sharon's.

Kalyani said...

Very incisively articulated, San!

Media has for a long time been brainwashing Indians.A lot of the literate middle class is so besotted with ndtv and courts the opinions and "findings" purveyed by it.A huge chunk of energy and time get spent on cricket,tv serials and movies in addition to that.

Only few care intensely and profoundly for our country's welfare.

EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

>>Here is a URL: (Indian Express) for Swamy's statement....

Some guy posted the following comment in response 2 the above article...very humorous indeed...
Sonia's Tyag

Sonia has done a great sacrifice by resigning from Loksabha and NAC. She still holds some more posts which are paying her well. She must complete her sacrifice by resigning from those posts too. Then she will become the greatest lady that ever existed on the earth.
She is stopping other Congress MPs from resigning their posts which are also holding offices of profit. Why? this means that she want to do all the sacrifice herself. Congressmen are no less sacrificer than her. She should allow Congress MPs too to take some credit of sacrificing. This is what they are doing since independence.

Posted by: Vijay Kr Singhal, India, 25-03-2006 at 1212 hours IST

Kalyani said...

Nice comment!Btw "'Shaheed' Sonia & her cliché band" by Swapan Dasgupta (The Pioneer) is a good one!