Wednesday, March 22, 2006

sachin tendulkar: the jawaharlal nehru of cricket

mar 19th

after a long string of poor scores, and the only big scores coming when they are useless, i bestow upon sachin tendulkar the title "jawaharlal nehru of cricket"

just like The First Prime Minister of India (TM), tendulkar is also lionized beyond all sense, and his failures and incompetence explained away by the sycophant/hagiographers.

i am reluctant to say this because all the folks who make cricket their main religion (ie. those brainwashed by the media) will jump on me and get into flame-wars. but it is true. the parallels between the two are fascinating. tendulkar too has accomplished nothing for the country, only created personal glory for himself.


Ragz said...

I think it's a little bit unfair to Tendulkar to compare him with Nehru. Sure he doesn't deserve the demi-god status his legion of fans bestowed upon him. But, not winning the game is not as big a crime as screwing the country left, right and center.

Kaunteya said...

Not agreed Sir. Absolutely not. Imagine playing continously for 17 years, always under the microscope of lustily cheering fans.
He is human not machine.
He is a nationalist unlike Nehru. In the recent tour to Pakistan, the pakis, [as usual and deliberately] put the Indian flag upside down. Tendulkar went up to the authoraties and corrected it.[Nehru woudn't have bothered]

One of the oft repeated claims thats made about Tendulkar is that he never played for the team.. well then check this list

1] SA-India hero cup, last over to be bowled, SA require only 5 runs. Captain hands the ball to whom? Not to regular ballers but Sachin.

2] Sharjah 1997. India are on verge of being kicked out of the tournament. Sachin single handedly bull-dozes Aussie in two games conitously. India win the cup.

3] Sachin's first tour to Pak. He is only 16. Srikant, the Indian captain is on the other end. He is supposed to be an aggressive competitor. But what does he do? He tamely gives up.
Abdul Qadir the veteran paki baller pokes fun at Sachin and challenges him. Sachin responds with 3 massive sixes in front of Paki crowd.

I am sure someone can add atleast 5 more to this..

With age the reflexes go down. He is now 33 and has played continously for 17 years.

He was a bad captain no doubt. Unlike Sunil Gavaskar he is not selfish as he's made out to be. He is a team man for sure.

Non Carborundum said...

Rajeev, don't talk like Navjot Sidhu.

schuncher said...

Sachin's contribution goes beyond his scores - his ability to lift the team's morale and his advice and assistance to junior team members during nets.



Rajeev is simply trolling. Don't respond. As far as I know he is not a fan of cricket and neither does he follow. On the contrary he has written anti cricket comments in his blog. So his opinion on this is worthless. You folks are wasting your time responding to it.

Rajeev: Sorry buddy, I like your Nehru/China/Pakistan bashing. Restrict yourself to it.

pennathur said...

Tendulkar's halo has been dimming for a long time now. First came his meek dismissal at the World Cup Finals in 2003 against Australia and then the totally unprincipled evasion of customs duty on his Ferrari thanks to some shameless pandering by Pramod Mahajan who (with whose permission?) waived tariffs for Sachin. Sachin has certainly delivered the goods in the past but he will never ever stand on the same plane as Sunil Gavaskar. Sunil G's character - his selflessness, commitment and of course technique are examples for every batsman to follow. Sachin just saved himself the ignominy by being referred for surgery. He shd get the message and announce his retirement. His best days are over. No point postponing his exit.

Sage said...

Of all the things I nod my head reading your comments, this one I simply cannot. SRT's occassional failures at critical times are well known but no other player in any team sport (except probably Michael Jordan) is expected by his fans to win every single match for his team - that simply is not done and is in fact humanly impossible. Nehru gave away Kashmir, lost war to China and brought evils of socialism to our great country. Sachin is not a traitor, merely a very talented human being.


iamfordemocracy said...

If Rajeev could write whatever he wrote about Sachin in this post, I can clearly see how hundreds of mediamen and politicians in India believe that Muslims and Christians are kind and Hindus are fundamentalists. The status of Hindus is similar to the status of amount of tolerance (in case of Hindus); and no amount of performance (in case of Sachin) is good enough for the hawkish observers. They just set the bar higher and declare that the subject has failed!!

redrackham said...

pennathur, as far as the 2003 wc finals - what choice did sachin have but to go for his shots? if he had stayed longer at the crease the critics would be pillorying him about not having gone for his shots. He has put in his best for over 17 years, what more do you expect. paraphrasing Rajeev it is the messiah syndrome that the vast majority suffers from - that one person somehow works miracles all the time(s). his tennis elbow is no doubt hampering his form - esp when he gets caught on the off side - i have seen from replays that the handle is not firm but rotates in his now poor grip which causes miscues. i am all for giving him a sabbatical to rectify this problem.
ps: from 17 years of media coverage one can only conclude that he is a intensely private person and does not crave for page3 publicity. and to rajeev - that he has not done enough for the country - he scored a centuryin the world cup after his dad passed away. IMO the questioning of his commitment is unjustified.

nizhal yoddha said...

much as i expected -- you guys have a serious blind spot when it comes to tendulkar.

the question to ask is, "what have you done for me lately"

a ruthless question about performance. if he's not done anything *lately*, well then, drop the guy. otherwise he's just occupying space unnecessarily. it may well be that the playing life of a cricketer ends by the time he's 30. (this is roughly true of football players in the us). but indian cricketers make so much money that they don't follow the dictum: "old soldiers never die, they just fade away". they are so obsessed with greed and the limelight that they refuse to bow out gracefully.

i am not a fan of cricket, i find it absurd and boring. i never watch it. but i do look at the scores. so i know the big picture. which is that this game is sustained by indian money. no other country cares about it -- it's a distant third or fourth sport in the uk, australia etc.

also cricket is the monster that is causing all other indian sports to shrivel and die. people wonder why india is so bad at the olympics. answer: all the money for sports goes into cricket.

with this kind of money being spent on this apology for a sport, it is justifiable to ask for performance, too. non performers should be kicked out instantly, and there should not be any hand-wringing and breast-beating.

just think, just one of sachin tendulkar's product endorsements would pay for the entire upkeep of india's sailing team. remember the indian sailing team member (a woman) who committed suicide because she did not have money to train? this is why i find this inequity and unfairness so jarring. cricket is the black hole of indian sport, and the cricketers had better perform. they have no right to any excuses.

the problem is there is no disincentive for failure, just as for politicians. i suggested a good disincentive some time ago. every time the captain loses a major series, he'll have some (non-essential) body part removed. such as an earlobe or a nose. you bet there won't be too many people signing up for captain. and you bet there won't be too many series losses. there are such disincentives in other countries. in uruguay, i think, the person who hit a self-goal and got the nation eliminated from the world cup was shot to death on his return. i bet nobody will hit a self-goal in uruguay hereafter.

try not to be so emotional -- remember you guys have simply been wound up and brainwashed by the media into worshipping cricket and certain cricketers. they are not inherently worthy of this adulation. just step back and take an objective look and you'll see that i have a point.

yes, it's the messiah syndrome. you guys need to realize, sorry, we are fresh out of messiahs.

nizhal yoddha said...

iamdemocracy aka itsthebjpsfault, how come you are not demonstrating that sachin tendulkar's problems are also the result of something the bjp did? what happened? you losing your cutting edge?

KapiDhwaja said...

Here is a little help for iamfordemocracy aka itsthebjpsfault, regarding Rajeev's query. This time it is not the BJP's fault. It is Shiv Sena's fault. They dug up the Wankhede stadium...:-)

indianpatriot said...

I quote Bernaud Shah here.
Cricket is a game played by 11 fools, watched by 11 thousand fools and heard by 11 million fools. Once upon a time I used to follow the game so closely. Lost interest in it. Only if millions of Indians spend their time more productively instead of watching Dada and Chappels antics or Dravid and Tendulkar. My respect for Rajnath Singh grew when he said Draid and Ganguly or Shah Rukh Khan cannot be heroes.(100 % right). Time to banish cricket from India. Then we may see real champions emerge in India from Hockey( Should be the national sport of India) to Tennis.

daisies said...

it is such a relief to be reminded
of george bernard shaw's opinion
on cricket. it is a long time
since i heard that one.

i never liked the game, never
understood what the hoo-haa was
all about, and why cricketers
should be worshipped like
demi-gods. over the years, i
developed a kind of complex wrt
the game, because so many people
including intelligent ones, like
and relish it, and they actually
understand it.

i used to wonder what was wrong
with me, that i dont care for the
game even after trying so hard.
even my father in his retired
life managed to understand it
and enjoy it.

the only reason i am able to
accept it, is the unmistakable
joy it brings to some elderly
people who have spend a lot of
time indoors.

what a relief to see there are
several who feel that cricket is
not worth all this hoo-ha.


virat0 said...

Because of some uncertanity, the debate has to be more open. A more appropriate question could be who is the Jawaharlal Neheru of Indian Cricket 1- Tendulakr cosidering his recent below average performance , 2- Ganguly 3- Not comparable since Tendulkar is god and Jawahar was messiah. 4- Let us not abuse Tendulkar any more.

Kalyani said...

Smiles and bouquets to Rajeev!Takes extraordinary courage to come out with a post like the above.

Personally,I have suffered a lot in my workplace(kolkata) and at home too, with no one to turn to for words of wisdom leave alone redressal.

In the bank,where I worked, a tv would be brought in for cricket and soccer matches with money collected from all and *extorted* from me,the branch manager too taking the violent, fanatic plunge.
It is no hyperbole,when I say,I have managed several counters,attending to most of the customers singlehandedly, with those *goondas & kormocharis* cigaretting around!

A country with such 'people' is unfailingly self congratulatory too:)Mouthing inane,inappropriate phrases like "cross border terrorism",it never fails to self righteously whinge to America to "take to task"
paki and the rest.All the while playing cricket,contriving busrides,distributing sweets,bestowing unilateral trade concessions,in general grovelling very sheepishly.

How can India *command* respect?

DarkStorm said...

Rajeev, that soccer player was
Escobar, a player of Colombia team, and not from uruguay. Yeah, when the striker took a shot at goal, he tried to stop it , but it deflected off his leg into the goal. And so, the poor guy...

Well, I am a Sachin Tendulkar fan, but I admit I agree with some of Rajeevs points. He hasnt been very successful in test matches. He hasnt produced "that innings of the lifetime", like Kapil Dev did, like Dhoni, Sehwag and Yuvraj, like even Saurav Ganguly has done.

Sachin does have a great tendency to fail when its needed for him to succeed. That is one point that I agree with Rajeev on. Most of his big scores have come when they are useless. Well not entirely useless, but the importance gets diminished when Sachin scores a 110 and some other guy hits 100.

Anyway, I think he is one of the best batsman in the world today. He should actually play till the next world cup and then he should gracefully retire.

Regarding sponsorships and advert deals, yeah these cricketers are grossly overpaid. I think BCCI should be forced to spend money earned on cricket on other sports like football. I find hockey to be a bore. And football goes well with beer ;-)

saras said...

Cricket and bollywood are the two great evils plaguing this country. India will prosper much faster without these, but unfortunately it is not a feasible idea. They are the two avenues into which lot of the anti-India (e.g. D-company) money is flowing, which in turn is being used to destroy the country. Enlightened people should desist from putting any money in these two iniquities or treating cricketers and film heroes as demigods.

A majority of the people who post here are obviously an enlightened lot, but it is unfortunate that cricket is some kind of a religion to them.

virat0 said...

Cricket, Bollywood, the unseen hands that promoted Sonia Gandhi so well ( now she is being hurt) couldn't be conclusively evils, I think they are symptom of a deeper malaise, The dawood or this time Dawoods would stay even if these are gone.

Kaunteya said...

just few quick points..

cricket is the villian, not tendulkar.

at the same time we cannot blame cricket for other sports failing to click with indian public...

every nation has one or two major sport/s that over shadow others. this phenomenon is not restricted to india..

but surely SRT does not deserve demi-god status. And i agree with DarkStorm, he should [and i think he will] retire after 2007 world cup.


>no other country cares about it
>it's a distant third or fourth sport
>in the uk, australia etc.

how many country care for american
football or baseball. Baseball I think
is played in cuba and japan and few
other countries.

shall we say americans are stupid to
follow football and baseball.

stop blaming cricket for our non
performance in other sports. If
cricket is responsible, then how
do one explain Australia doing so
well in last Olympics where as a
non cricket playing country like
Canada doing badly.

Also get your cause and effect right. Media forces cricket on us
bcos that's what sells.

Anyone who suggest that india will prosper without cricket should get
his head examined. We are doing fine these days even with wretched cricket.

Even though I am no longer as fanatic about the game as I was, it
still remains to me the king of all
sports, along with soccer.

indusAquarius said...

Rajeev's tirade against Tendulkar only reconfirms my belief that no one person is perfect nor are his/her views and/or opinions absolutely correct on ALL issues ALL the time.

Tendulkar is the chink in Rajeev's armour just like forcing beef-eating on hindus was the chink in Varsha's!

siva said...

Once again I agree with Rajeev….. Dhoni, Yuvraj and Kumble are better match winners than Tendulkar. Kaif used to be a good match winner but lately he is completely out of form. So I agree with Rajeev, Tendulkar is given a bigger than life image by media.

saras said...

Being a gentle person, I won’t react to Ravi_Krishna in the crude manner he has done. I give below just two reasons why India could do much better without cricket.

1. It is a great investment avenue for all the anti-India forces and this has been well-established. I don’t need to provide any proof for this.
2. No sport other than cricket results in such a colossal waste of productive time. Millions of Indians, including those residing in the US, are not able to devote their full attention to their job because they remain distracted for hours or even days (in case of a test match) continuously whenever India plays a cricket match. Can anyone give an estimate for the value of the billions of productive Indian man-hours lost because of cricket? To that extent could India prosper, if there were no cricket.